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My First Fashion Week

1 Jun


I wrote this article for Y Magazine’s Issue #3 which is out now! You can view the article here.
Will’s Lifestyle Fashion Week 2011

My love for fashion was revived when I received my first copy of British Vogue last summer. I feel that the love was there forever, but I never realized it. When my friends found it useless to talk about the Gucci takeover or Carine Roitfeld getting replaced, I realized that I wanted my voice to be heard for the first time.
A good blogger can really take all sorts of elements and use them both in words and pictures and make a strong statement.- Suzy Menkes

After ten months of blogging and getting both positive and negative feedbacks, I contacted Santu Misra. We connected for a few months and then he asked me to cover the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week. I was fucking ecstatic! Timing, they say, is everything. When Mr. Warhol, a leading figure in visual art movement commented on fame, he said- “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Andy was right. Entering the venue was like entering a world where whimsical head gears and Valentino dresses were normal. I was in the right place.
I had viewed three of the shows- Kallol Datta 1955, Rehane and Urvashi Kaur. All three of them displayed their impeccable taste in the collection. All three of them were individualistic. All three of them embroiled creativity with the newest trends but kept their originality. Kallol Datta 1955 experimented with neutral shades in different silhouettes. In one of his interviews I remember, he says that its not about the print or the silhouette; its more of a social commentary than anything else. Amen to that.
Rehane paid homage to the much talked about color block and mixed it with more of a 50s American hairstyle and tube dresses. It was quite predictable since she is known to mix European Haute Couture with her collection. Subsequently, Urvashi Kaur also displayed her collection which started with a ballerina dancer dancing to a Sufi tune. She incorporated her collection with both Indian and western outlook. She to, used color block but in a very different manner than Rehane did. I loved the way everyone who was connected with her collection came at the end for the last bow.

The best part for me was perhaps, the time when we actually came out of the show. People came out with meticulous outfits displaying the latest couture trends and runway collections. I remember one person wearing a Gucci-like outfit from their Spring/Summer collection. Serenity.
My ephemeral ended after Urvashi Kaur’s show. I may have not got contacts or any other major break, but I definitely learnt a lot and gained a lot of experience.” Fashion happens every morning when you wake up“. I fully concur.

(All pictures from Y Magazine)


Is our fashion-thinking only limited to magazines?

16 Apr

The other day I was talking to my sister on GTalk (she lives in UK) about my fantasy for fashion magazines and went on rambling my irrevocable love for Vogue. Instead of agreeing with me she just stated that how all people associated with fashion only limit themselves to magazines and do not ‘broaden their horizons‘.

People say that Vogue is the bible for the fashion world. I agreed. But then I think about  people obsessing over it makes me feel a little stupid. Lately I have been feeling that fashion magazines is just one perspective of fashion. The runway is a different world. Fashion magazine advertise the runway. Their articles are based on it.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”Coco Chanel

[Last year’s ‘zines, from left: More,Sugar, LadMag (was free),Elle, Elle Vogue]

“Magazines talk about fashion so that they can sell to appeal to audience.They want their demographic to talk about it or have the same language about fashion as them.”

                                                      -Santu Misra, Editor of Y Magazine.

But are magazines sell-out? Do the only believe in fashion which pleases the public as a whole? (I am not talking about you, Tavi)

The other problem my sister also stated (who hates fashion too) that books like ‘The Teen Vogue Handbook‘ only talk about getting internships in Teen Vogue specifically. It will always urge you to get the internship in their office and then ramble about all the things which attracts girls. Many Most of us do not get a chance there because it is meant for people in  The States (one of the major reasons that we envy them) and then we always regret buying the book because it depresses us! I won’t say that the book is not an exciting read. It has got great feedback from leading designers and editors. But it is only subjected to Vogue and nothing beyond.

I am sure that many of you will disagree with me. The purpose of this article is definitely not to ‘insult’ magazine (except LadMag, which sucks BTW) but to just think for a moment. When do we actually read fashion literature instead of the new issue of  Hello?


I assume that this article will get a lot of negative feedback because I talked to some two-three people about the topic and they all disagreed with me. But one of them did say to write it and get to know how people actually feel. The photo shown is shot by me and are my magazines (I stopped buying them this year because I got a little addictive and drained my allowance). I know that the photo quality is horrible but I am working on it.(I am definitely going to photography hell!) But one of my friends is going to teach me how to actually take good photos so I suppose that this blog will get more personalize touch from this summer!