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5 Jul

Life is hard. It is a fact which everybody realizes. Talent exists. People fight, they hover. Then what is the purpose of you? Will they remember you when you die?


Hello everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was a bliss since it was the last weekend before my school starts. Takeaway Chinese, Sex and the City re-runs  and iced tea- what more does one want?

The sales are in full swing. Don’t you get a rush of adrenaline to see that piece of cloth in a discounted price which you have been coveting the whole season? And the fights. Oh, the fight. That is probably the biggest entertainer! I went out shopping in this season last week. And I did  find stuff. Here is a look-

I have no fucking clue from where they belong since I just grabbed them after finding the right size

I also bought a Bodyshop conditioner and a pair of Blue ballerina flats. I do not use a lot of conditioner because I have inherited irritatingly silky hair from my folks but it smelled like forest. I love the blue Breton top (shown above) because I bought it a size lager and can wear it with a high-waisted skirt, shorts, jeans and practically anything or nothing at all because it is so long!

I have to tell you guys something. Okay two-

a) I wrote an article for High School Piece called ‘The Trend to be perfect’ where I talked about how teenagers and all women are obsessed in looking perfect and then attain harmful means to adapt to flawless skin/hair/body. Do check it out!

b) I covered Blake Lively for my internship where I talked about her ventures and her style check out the article here

Do you like the new header?

Until we meet again.


I am back on WordPress, b*tches!

2 Jul

Hello one, hello all

Yes, I tried blogger for a month which frankly sucked (atleast for me). Blogger wasn’t bad but I guess after using wordpress for a year and then leaving it for a month made me realized how comfortable I was with it. Though it is not like I typed all of my content here then copy pasted it on blogger! pshh! (well, maybe I did). Anywho, I am back on WORDPRESS, bitches!

So did everyone catch Pretty Little Liars premiere? I know it is stupid but the show offers me that guilty pleasure which sometimes Gossip Girl does to me. I am not going to rant about what new happened in the show so just go and catch it online!

This post is quite short since I am just celebrating my return. If anybody wants their blog up my my blogroll since I am redoing it this time just ping me!

Also does anybody know a decent website which offers technologically-challenged freaks like me to learn CSS?

I will be back but ciao for now.


Kate Moss Wedding Dress

PS- Did you check out Kate Moss’s wedding dress designed by Galliano? I am disappointed since I expected to be I don’t know BIGGER. Just a perception. Or I want every wedding dress to be like Carrie’s in SATC.

Size 20 is not that fat either

25 May

Five years ago, Jean Paul Gaultier, known for his stimulating

Velvet- The model used by Jean Paul Gaultier

collection, experimented. He used a size twenty model ‘Velvet’ as his runway model. The swap apparently shocked all the fashionista’s around the world and thus made it controversial.

Jean-Paul wanted to show beauty can be universal, He thinks all women are beautiful and aims to challenge society’s beauty stereotypes. That’s why he featured Velvet and a much older model in the show.“- A spokesperson was quoted at the fashion show.

It is always (and wrongly) assumed that to be fashionable; you need to be skinny. In the 1960s, people saw their first supermodel-Twiggy. People objected it by saying that she won’t last the industry long but ironically, she brought the revolution that thin was in. All the people of fashion industry worshipped her. They wanted models no more than size zero and perceived people more than that to be fat. I remember reading an article on Jezebel about Anna Wintour where she stated that she disliked fat people and wants everyone to be slim who are in her magazine. That is why she asked Oprah to lose some weight to make the cover.

Oprah on the cover of Vogue

“I suggested that… she lose a little bit of weight… I said simply that you might feel more comfortable. She was a trouper! She totally welcomed the idea and she went on a very stringent diet and it was one of our most successful covers ever.”-Anna Wintour

But are the thin models that we deem to be somewhat perfect; actually real? Good computer skills help. So does airbrushing. The cult to be ridiculously thin or perfect is somewhat stupid. I was glad that Jean Paul Gaultier used the model to differ himself from this issue.

When women see pictures of models in fashion magazines and say, ‘I can never look like that,’ what they don’t realize is that no one can look that good without the help of a computer.-Christy Turlington

The obsession to have a figure like Kate Moss is not exactly a paradise either. Women often adapt rather unhealthy means to become thin which causes them eating disorders, stomach ulcers and other illnesses which they do not seem to mind now since they get thin, but what about five to ten years later?

Look at Suzy Menkes or more recent, Adele. They both are so influential and have made an impact in the world. Adele was heard saying that ‘She makes music for ears, not eyes.’ Amen to that.

But since we are talking in opposition to be skinny, let us talk for it too. Looking from a designer’s point of view, they want their product to sell. Hence, they want a medium through which their product looks attractive. Why would they want their product to be put on something (in this case, someone) which will be mocked?

 I reason that skinny is fashionable only till an extent that it is healthy and original. None knows that if this ideology will actually become a trend but I definitely perceive that designers should experiment with all sizes.

Heck, if Vogue can make an ageless issue, why can’t they make a plus-size issue? Women of all size, color, age are pretty because beauty lies in your eyes.



17 May

I know I should probably be ranting about the impeccable dresses at Cannes or how Sonam Kapoor wore that Jean Paul Gautier or even about how Gisele Bundchen wore McQueen at Met. But I am irrevocably in love with the 60s London. The dresses, the music, the Beatles, The Swinging Movement.

I was just watching A Single Man and An Education (again) and became nostalgic. I can’t actually because I have never lived in the 60s but I always think about how I would be if I did. How I would have seen The Graduate on theater and The Beatles live. How I would have seen the evolution of the mini skirt and Twiggy’s style.

The allure

a single man

 Students in the ’60s were responsible for great changes, politically and socially.- Tom Ford



London: 1960s

The Swing