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29 Mar

We have entered summer and even though we don’t like the sound of it we cannot be somewhat glad to escape the in-between season even though it means to enter the scorching heat the warm wind. What I narrow down in the beginning of summer is a list of products which I would desperately need (stuff which a lowly high school person can actually afford and not just dream about). So here is a peek to the wishlist I have narrowed down too (part 1). 
MAX FACTOR- SMOKY EYES EFFECT EYESHADOW: Ideal for getting the professional smoky eyes effect thus eliminating the ‘raccoon’ subtext, Max Factor’s eyeshadow is a perfect buy. There are six shades to choose though my personal choice is the Onyx Smoke.
L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT SERUM FOR DAMAGED ENDS: I have always suffered from having rather dry and lifeless ends which can now easily be eliminated by the L’Oreal Treatment serum. It is an amazing buy for this windy in-between season as well as summer which is a mecca for getting damaged hair.
MAYBELLINE EYE STUDIO LASTING DRAMA GEL EYELINER: Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of owning a Chanel eyeliner. While that dream seems very distinct, a cheaper and an equally good version is here; Maybelline Gel Eyeliner is what every girl wants as it is long-lasting and gives your eyes the glow.
PANTENE ALL DAY SMOOTH MIRACLE WATER: For people suffering from ferocious splits (like me), a tube of Pantene’s miracle water is an essential accessory to your handbag. It is quite affordable and VERY magical. 
VASELINE TOTAL MOISTURE COCOA GLOW: A tube of Vaseline cream has always been in my medicine cabinet but the new Cocoa cream is a must-buy for this season. Cocoa keeps the skin soft and supple and doesn’t give the unwanted greasiness to your skin. 
NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEAN FACIAL CLEANSER : I always use two face cleansers, one which I can use the whole day and other which I use at night during cleansing-toning-moisturizing. but Neutrogena has eliminated the use of two face washes because this solely cleanses the face along with giving it a nice glow.
I hope you enjoyed the post and look forward to the second part too!