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Lilac Wine

20 Mar

I would probably label this week as the liberation week as we miraculously ended our exams sans nervous breakdown, you guys! So anyhow school granted us some leave before our final year starts come forth April . This is probably  week without any stress and pressure however subsequent boredom beckons loudly. This was the first time I attended the whole five day long event and were probably the most exciting days of my life. The air was infectious filled with talks about what the designer showed, who is donning what and basically an open bar for the media (score!)

Here are some excerpts from different shows











See you soon!


My First Fashion Week

1 Jun


I wrote this article for Y Magazine’s Issue #3 which is out now! You can view the article here.
Will’s Lifestyle Fashion Week 2011

My love for fashion was revived when I received my first copy of British Vogue last summer. I feel that the love was there forever, but I never realized it. When my friends found it useless to talk about the Gucci takeover or Carine Roitfeld getting replaced, I realized that I wanted my voice to be heard for the first time.
A good blogger can really take all sorts of elements and use them both in words and pictures and make a strong statement.- Suzy Menkes

After ten months of blogging and getting both positive and negative feedbacks, I contacted Santu Misra. We connected for a few months and then he asked me to cover the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week. I was fucking ecstatic! Timing, they say, is everything. When Mr. Warhol, a leading figure in visual art movement commented on fame, he said- “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Andy was right. Entering the venue was like entering a world where whimsical head gears and Valentino dresses were normal. I was in the right place.
I had viewed three of the shows- Kallol Datta 1955, Rehane and Urvashi Kaur. All three of them displayed their impeccable taste in the collection. All three of them were individualistic. All three of them embroiled creativity with the newest trends but kept their originality. Kallol Datta 1955 experimented with neutral shades in different silhouettes. In one of his interviews I remember, he says that its not about the print or the silhouette; its more of a social commentary than anything else. Amen to that.
Rehane paid homage to the much talked about color block and mixed it with more of a 50s American hairstyle and tube dresses. It was quite predictable since she is known to mix European Haute Couture with her collection. Subsequently, Urvashi Kaur also displayed her collection which started with a ballerina dancer dancing to a Sufi tune. She incorporated her collection with both Indian and western outlook. She to, used color block but in a very different manner than Rehane did. I loved the way everyone who was connected with her collection came at the end for the last bow.

The best part for me was perhaps, the time when we actually came out of the show. People came out with meticulous outfits displaying the latest couture trends and runway collections. I remember one person wearing a Gucci-like outfit from their Spring/Summer collection. Serenity.
My ephemeral ended after Urvashi Kaur’s show. I may have not got contacts or any other major break, but I definitely learnt a lot and gained a lot of experience.” Fashion happens every morning when you wake up“. I fully concur.

(All pictures from Y Magazine)


Color Block

6 May

I originally wrote this article for High School Pieces which you can view here

There were a lot of trends decoded on the runway this year but one of the trends which caught a lot of my attention was color block. Color block combines the use of two or more blocks of color in an ensemble. It means creating an outfit by putting areas or blocks of solid color next to each other. It can include monotone, bright, muted, contrasting, and complimentary colors. Color block, although very popular in previous decades, has now come back with a big bang this year. While last year we saw more neutral colors, this year the runway exhibited bright poppy citrus hues, teal and pink blocked by black, white and other neutrals. The trend gained momentum when Gucci, Haider Ackerman, Alexandre Herchcovitch and Bally (who teamed it up with camel) paid homage to this trend with a lot of zeal in their Spring/Summer collections.

Jill Slander Spring/Summer 2008

Gucci Spring/Summer 2011

I love how color block was not only introduced in terms of clothing, but also in shoes and accessories this year. Jade Lady Peep sling backs by Christian Louboutin, Dual Tone Bag by Fendi, and Geta sandals by Kenzo, all used color as eye candy; and it was stunning.

Jade Lady Peep sling backs by Christian Louboutin

Rehane at Will’s Lifestyle Fashion Week 2011

This year, I was able to view the Will’s Lifestyle Fashion Week in India, to cover for an online Indian magazine called Y, which provided me with my first introduction to this trend. At the show, I saw how Indian designers like Rehane and Urvashi Kaur have incorporated color block into their collections. While Rehane gave it a modern approach by including it in her short dress and shoe designs, Urvashi Kaur put color in her collection of angarkha tops with tie-and-dye.

The trick to using color block in your own wardrobe is to avoid blindly using a lot of color on your entire outfit. Although doing so works perfectly well in the runway, you should incorporate it with more neutral colors and blocking not more than two colors throughout the outfit. The trick is to add glimpses of color into your outfit in order to give it a mature approach. For example, using a bright pink clutch with an orange dress won’t work; however, using it with a black dress will make your outfit bold and chic. Using a bold color around the waist can also give a more slim illusion which can easily be acquired by wearing a bright colored front open cardigan or jacket.

The purpose of the trend is not to overdo it but to have fun with a color and experiment with it. Give it a try to find out whether you like it!

Will’s Lifestyle Fashion Week Hangover (2011)

4 May

(Wearing: Last year’s printed dress fro Bershka, London; Brown shoes stolen borrowed from my sister; Blue bag from Dubai )

 This was the first time I attended the Will’s Lifestyle Fashion Week which happened in Delhi. I attended only three shows (I intend to attend the whole thing next time) but they all were unique and were quite parallel. Due to some confusion, I couldn’t get photos (ok no confusion, my camera died) but I got the runway photos from Y Magazine (for which I was covering the show) and did the outfit post after I came back.

Rehane’s Show

Rehane introduced fruity summer look in her collection with western silhouette and lace embellishments. Her collection had of color and was collection with a lot of incitement. Her collection had a European Couture touch, for which this Chennai- based designer, is known for. The dresses incorporated of this season’s tunic and tube dresses along with A- line skirts and floral prints.

Accessories were a vital part in her collection. She incorporated multi-stripped belts with bags and 3D accessories (thinking Banana Republic, I suppose). But the hairdo was the major part of her collection. There were headbands along with life-size flowers screamed American fifties hairdo in a modern way. She did not use a lot of make-up and kept it light, simple and exciting.

The major problem for me in the show was that her collection did not symbolize autumn or winter of any sort. I felt that the look was rather unfinished or more modifications could have happened. The bags were a major problem (ahem Jessica Szohr in Gossip Girl ahem) they did not coordinate and nor did they look ramp-like. But the show was fun and enthralling so I guess that is it.

Urvashi Kaur’s Show

A ballet dancer started the show while dancing on a sufi tone. The collection incorporated of colorful Angarkha tops where neck-accessory was a major part. The model carried some impeccable scarves which had a mix of both Indian and western touch. The show for me was rather unique.

Kallol Dutta 1955 Show

This was probably the best one I attended. I loved how Kallol Dutta mixed neutral colors and I loved his freshness and how he incorporated geometrical and abstract designs in his collections.