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Oh, Terry

5 May

Terry Richardson is probably one of the world’s most prominent photographers. But personally I feel rather disgusted after I see his photography. True, the man has talent but he is known for his shoots being sexual and horny. There is this simplistic yet an inconvenient truth that sex sells. DOES it?

Last year he was accused by one of the models that he got naked made her touch his dick. Let us look at the whole ordeal, shall we? A modeling agency sends an underage model (19 years of age) to do a nude with Terry who is KNOWN to be sexual. If you cannot handle it, then why go? There are flaws here. First, how can a modeling agency SEND an underage girl to do a nude? And second, if the underage girl is not mentally ready to do this, why does she insinuate it?

(Blake Lively, Terry Richardson and Leighton Meester of Rolling Stone)

You might be wondering- who am I supporting? A man who cannot keep his dick under control or the underage girl who was sent out for a nude and got too disgusted? I am supporting the truth. The truth is that  Jamie peck (underage model) whom none of us have heard about, infact shouldn’t have gone the first place. She states that– “I’m not a model, just a vain girl with nice tits who likes to pose for the occasional cheesecake photo”. AND- “I got naked, danced around a bit, smiled, and squeezed my tits together, yada yada. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ first album was playing on repeat. He asked me to call him Uncle Terry and I obliged, because why not?” Definitely fishy.

(Terry Richardson with Kate Moss)

So obviously this is what the model did. She danced around let him click her pictures, gave him a hand job and then accused him. But when does the model say no? I deem that the model wanted some publicity because the photos never actually came out. And WHO is this Jamie Peck?

(The Olsen Sisters)

There is always this thin line between Terry’s work- Art and Vulgarism. Art is reflected on all his shoots but so is vulgarism. I have nothing against nudes but have you actually seen his nudes? (He has nudes of himself to. Jerk.)

(Terry Richardson’s Diary on Tumbler)

I am not supporting the model. Nor Terry. They both are flawed. He is a bachelor so he has a legal right to imply sex. The fault is of the agency that sent the underage girl because nobody else has actually accused his controversial art before. They should have simply sent an older woman.

I conclude with a simple yet intriguing question- Is Terry Richardson’s work Art or Porn?

Source- The Gloss



Interview with Blake Jacobsen

23 Feb

Blake Jacobsen is an 18 year old fashion photographer currently living in the United States. He is currently a senior at high school and enjoys singing/songwriting, illustration, graphic design, 90’s music, and coffee. So here are the excerpts of our discussion

Blake Jacobsen

Blake Jacobsen

Me: What does fashion mean to you?

Photography (people)

Blake Jacobsen: Fashion is a hard word for me to come to terms with. It all comes down to how you express yourself through individualistic style, regardless the trends and the runway.

Me: How do you define your style?

BJ: I would describe it as classic, yet refined with a modern touch.

Me: Where do you get your inspiration from?

BJ: A lot of my fashion inspiration is derived from internet sites such as Chictopia and Lookbook.nu. Apart from the internet, I draw a lot of inspiration from gentleman of different decades. The thought of dressing like a gentleman is what inspires me to dress the way I do.


Me: Which decade, according to you, was fashion in its best form? Why?

BJ: That’s hard to choose! I really love classic and timeless items from the 1950’s, but I have a close relationship with 90’s grunge.

Me: Which are your favorite upcoming blogs?

BJ: There are so many great blogs that I follow. Apart from the largely renowned (and world famous, if you will) blogs I follow, some of my favorites include I AM APPLE ORCHARD WE HAVE NO STYLE , and Suck My Savvy .

Me: What was your favorite trend in 2010?

BJ: Military-inspired clothing. Specifically blazers.

Me: What do you want to take up as a career?

BJ: I would like to get into fashion photography, as well as visual journalism. Of course, I still have four years of school before I am able to pursue that!

Me: What advice do you want to give your fellow bloggers?

BJ:  I recommend joining a lot of social networking websites! This will help you network with other bloggers, as well as promote yourself. Aside from that, continually work on the quality of your blog. That is, increase your posting amount, better the quality of your photos, create variety within your posts, and be original.  Emphasis on originality.

Blake Jacobsen

Visit his  blog-  Blake Jacobsen




Interview with Lucy Nuzum

2 Feb

A photo speaks a thousand words and Dublin photographer Lucy Nuzum symbolizes this through her immaculate pictures in form of what she wants to speak. So check out this interview I had with her

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion can seem very terrifying, and judgmental! But at the same time it can be inspiring and creative

How do you define your style?

Sans style. I have none. Though I’m also desperate for it to suit or flatter me, but too nervous to try anything too exciting!  I probably just copy people and try to blend in as much as possible! Black &Grey is the colour of nearly everything! But in fashion photography….  I like subtle, and prefer environmental images, not studio photoshoots. I like an extreme trend or style but softened and simplified by a great stylist to make it as more unique.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

In photography… imagination. Thinking up something and creating it inside a frame. Contrived ideas coming to life. Dreams being interpreted. Thoughts made visual.

When did you get your first camera? Who/What made you get into photography?

I started taking photos when I was 16/17, and was 18 when I bought my first DSLR, and I got into photography through a boyfriend, who quickly lost interest whereas I sort of became obsessed….

Which are your favorite upcoming blogs?

I follow a lot of flickr streams, like http://www.flickr.com/photos/brookeshaden/ or http://www.flickr.com/photos/kirsty841/ and my friend Anouska, who I met through photography and adore taking photos of, she has a fashion blog I tend to stalk!

What was your favorite trend in 2010?

…… um…. I’m trying to think! I don’t know! I liked how a lot of stylists used those big control pants from Pennies with tops/necklaces/shoes and made them look really high-fashion – I actually used a pair myself in this photo – that’s about the extent of fashion present in my self portraits!

What do you want to take up as a career? (Photography/modeling/editing/writing)

Definitely Photography! And it’s strange… as terrified as I am about fashion, and how I feel like I know nothing about it… I’ve been really enjoying fashion-photography. With the help of stylists&models to cover the fashion part, the photography is incredibly creative! As long as I’m not in the studio, it’s definitely an area I want to continue exploring

What advice do you want to give your fellow bloggers?

Write more! I photo-blog on flickr www.flickr.com/photos/shutr and have for the last 3/4 years… and while it’s embarrassing to consider people I meet now looking back and reading all my rants and squeaks, I think it became pivotal in my photography. It’s cathartic, it’s interesting, and I think it builds an audience. I know the photographers I follow on flickr, while I love seeing their latest work I’m also excited to read their latest post and see what they’re up to! So I’d say – screw your dignity; share!

Check out her blog to!