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Will’s Lifestyle Fashion Week Hangover (2011)

4 May

(Wearing: Last year’s printed dress fro Bershka, London; Brown shoes stolen borrowed from my sister; Blue bag from Dubai )

 This was the first time I attended the Will’s Lifestyle Fashion Week which happened in Delhi. I attended only three shows (I intend to attend the whole thing next time) but they all were unique and were quite parallel. Due to some confusion, I couldn’t get photos (ok no confusion, my camera died) but I got the runway photos from Y Magazine (for which I was covering the show) and did the outfit post after I came back.

Rehane’s Show

Rehane introduced fruity summer look in her collection with western silhouette and lace embellishments. Her collection had of color and was collection with a lot of incitement. Her collection had a European Couture touch, for which this Chennai- based designer, is known for. The dresses incorporated of this season’s tunic and tube dresses along with A- line skirts and floral prints.

Accessories were a vital part in her collection. She incorporated multi-stripped belts with bags and 3D accessories (thinking Banana Republic, I suppose). But the hairdo was the major part of her collection. There were headbands along with life-size flowers screamed American fifties hairdo in a modern way. She did not use a lot of make-up and kept it light, simple and exciting.

The major problem for me in the show was that her collection did not symbolize autumn or winter of any sort. I felt that the look was rather unfinished or more modifications could have happened. The bags were a major problem (ahem Jessica Szohr in Gossip Girl ahem) they did not coordinate and nor did they look ramp-like. But the show was fun and enthralling so I guess that is it.

Urvashi Kaur’s Show

A ballet dancer started the show while dancing on a sufi tone. The collection incorporated of colorful Angarkha tops where neck-accessory was a major part. The model carried some impeccable scarves which had a mix of both Indian and western touch. The show for me was rather unique.

Kallol Dutta 1955 Show

This was probably the best one I attended. I loved how Kallol Dutta mixed neutral colors and I loved his freshness and how he incorporated geometrical and abstract designs in his collections.


Is our fashion-thinking only limited to magazines?

16 Apr

The other day I was talking to my sister on GTalk (she lives in UK) about my fantasy for fashion magazines and went on rambling my irrevocable love for Vogue. Instead of agreeing with me she just stated that how all people associated with fashion only limit themselves to magazines and do not ‘broaden their horizons‘.

People say that Vogue is the bible for the fashion world. I agreed. But then I think about  people obsessing over it makes me feel a little stupid. Lately I have been feeling that fashion magazines is just one perspective of fashion. The runway is a different world. Fashion magazine advertise the runway. Their articles are based on it.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”Coco Chanel

[Last year’s ‘zines, from left: More,Sugar, LadMag (was free),Elle, Elle Vogue]

“Magazines talk about fashion so that they can sell to appeal to audience.They want their demographic to talk about it or have the same language about fashion as them.”

                                                      -Santu Misra, Editor of Y Magazine.

But are magazines sell-out? Do the only believe in fashion which pleases the public as a whole? (I am not talking about you, Tavi)

The other problem my sister also stated (who hates fashion too) that books like ‘The Teen Vogue Handbook‘ only talk about getting internships in Teen Vogue specifically. It will always urge you to get the internship in their office and then ramble about all the things which attracts girls. Many Most of us do not get a chance there because it is meant for people in  The States (one of the major reasons that we envy them) and then we always regret buying the book because it depresses us! I won’t say that the book is not an exciting read. It has got great feedback from leading designers and editors. But it is only subjected to Vogue and nothing beyond.

I am sure that many of you will disagree with me. The purpose of this article is definitely not to ‘insult’ magazine (except LadMag, which sucks BTW) but to just think for a moment. When do we actually read fashion literature instead of the new issue of  Hello?


I assume that this article will get a lot of negative feedback because I talked to some two-three people about the topic and they all disagreed with me. But one of them did say to write it and get to know how people actually feel. The photo shown is shot by me and are my magazines (I stopped buying them this year because I got a little addictive and drained my allowance). I know that the photo quality is horrible but I am working on it.(I am definitely going to photography hell!) But one of my friends is going to teach me how to actually take good photos so I suppose that this blog will get more personalize touch from this summer!

Timeless Hues Spotted In 2010

1 Feb

2010 was an exciting year for fashion. It approached many different trends and also trends famous long back and redacted it. While Chanel did a little country segment back in Paris, there was a lot of pretty ‘bare-it-all’ in Michael Kors and Hussein Chalayan collections. Fall brought a breath of fresh air when Louis Vuiton brought a little 50s twist with bold midi length skirts. There was a lot of vintage in the air with adaptation not only from the 20th century but also beyond. An excerpt from the old Chinese red silk to the exquisite Egyptian gold here are those timeless hues in your wardrobe of 2010.


Camel is a color which is ageless, classic and timeless.  It was introduced by Chloe and then was used by every major designer like Maxamara and the less expected, Yves Saint Laurent. Prada’s Miuccia showed camel patent leather two pieces that screamed 70′s in a modern way that only she could do. Stella McCartney, Gucci, Dries and Michael Kors too paid homage to the most decadent neutral of the season. Timing, they say, is everything. A trend back in the 50s and 70s has materialized in the 21st century of minimalism.


Red– the signature color of Valentino– gained more momentum when it became quite a star shade past year. Red was a prevailing color and was touched by designers like Giambattista Valli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Michael Kors and even Yves Saint Laurent in their pre-fall collections. It symbolizes attitude, passion as well as elegance and that is why it can be experimented by Vivienne Westwood and Balenciaga at the same time. The experimental trend of 20s and 40s is back on the pages of all.

Burnishing Golden

Burnishing golden got an ageless label when people like Cameron Diaz, Chanel Iman and Sigourney Weaver wore it the same season. It has gained more popularity in the red carpet and on runway last summer. It is more flattering on skin and is thus ageless. This jewel tone is effortlessly beautiful and bold.



The onset of the color actually started in 2009 when everyone labeled nude as the Spring White. The great tranquilizer was used by Donna Karen in her spring/Summer 2010 collection which screamed newness and comprised of soft skirtsuits and body loving draped dresses. Fendi gave it Parisian style; Givenchy added ruffles while Burberry used it with a little twist of putting this color on fur. It got worldwide recognition when it featured on Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire to name a few.