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A closer look at my internship at emcBlue

10 Jul

With halfway through my internship at emcBlue, I thought I would share with you guys about what I actually do with the site.

EmcBlue.com, a division of Executive Music Company, is a dynamic all-star social networking site with a focus on helping users to showcase their style.  If you love music, fashion, or photography, you’ll love emcBlue.com. emcBlue helps photographers, models, and artists, showcase their talent by providing users with innovative profiles, designed to stimulate the audio/visual senses.  Our blue pages are set to be the most innovative profiles on the web.  emcBlue users can register as a fan, artist, band, producer, model, photographer, or designer.  At emcBlue, we’re about music, fashion, photography, culture, and community.  We dare our users to push their creativity to its limits.

I started the internship in mid- May and have been contributing to the site thrice a week since. I basically write about fashion but sometimes touch music and pop culture too (if not usually). The site is a great way to stay updated because it has a mixture of literally everything. They have a blue profile page which gets updated every Monday and I contributed to it last week. They also have a section called the ‘style hub’ where they focus on a celebrity style and how it emerges to become a trend. Overall, the site is very entertaining because there is something to explore everywhere whether you are interested to showcase your talent (they have an exclusive community for that) or just want to be updated on the latest news in the entertainment industry. They also have a tabulated music chart system where you can go and listen to the recent hits for all the music lovers like me. Also, if you are any aspiring writer you can contact them and they will reply for sure because they have such a cool and sweet team!



I want to scream at the top of my lungs

14 May

I know that an ideal blogger would probably just include in an random post that they would be interning this summer. But HECK! this is my blog! So I am actually giving it a whole post.

I have got a writing internship with this really cool site called emcBlue. I would be interning with college undergraduates and the site is based in New Jersey. I wanted to intern as a writer as first instead of going into Public Relations or something because writing is actually what I want to do at the end of the day. Also, I am not very good with people. My summer break started and my friends got all teary-eyed and went on going on about how they will miss each other and went on hugging each other and tryed to hug me (I hate hugging people) But I was all screaming about how I am going  ‘ home, bitches!’ and then started singing No Such Thing by John Mayer at the top of my voice. My friends seemed pretty miffed. Oh, well.

Back to interning.

So the internship is an online gig where I will be interning from this Sunday till the end of August and I will be required to write three blog posts per week for the site under fashion. Also I have been rambling about Faebric for quite sometime. I will also join the site officially as one of the contributors/editors (do we have to give it a name?!) . I have also been working with High School Pieces so I will be pretty much filled up this summer. I am also going to take up a sport again (I used to play soccer but there was to much of studying in ninth grade so I had to leave it). And I have my piano lessons lined up (I left it midway. Read above reason) So my poor blog is not left with a lot of time. No worries!

To Burberry now. They launched their new campaign called Burberry April Showers. See, Burberry has a style. I mean whenever I see their collection, I know that it is Burberry before it is even mentioned. Their iconic trenches, the rain, the umbrellas and the bags epitomized their collection this April.


It seems as if Christopher Bailey always reads my mind. The ad features the Burberry regulars- Cara Delevingne and Sebastian Brice and it is photographed by Jacob Sutton.

There is also this new advertisement by Yves Saint Laurent where they have commissioned with Black Swan’s director Darren Aronofsky. The ad is so meticulously detailed that it makes me watch it again and again. It has that certain seductive appeal and it is French. Well, French sums it all up.


Happy Summer!