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“I had the blues but I shook them loose”

3 Aug

“Not so long ago, the fashion thing was cut and dried. Trends were created four times a year on the world’s most important catwalks and then delivered to the public in glossy fashion magazines. Only very rarely, when a spirit of rebellion was in the air, would fashion be momentarily dragged down from its lofty throne. But whether it was the hippie style, mod, or punk, thanks to the catwalk any subversive trend would be quickly ironed out and made palatable to the masses. Whatever was happening in the world’s closets, it was all the same to fashion, for fashion claimed the right to dictate what garments should be hanging there. For the last few years, however, the fashion network no longer extends only to Paris, Milan, and New York. Fashion is everywhere. How did this happen? Quite simply — a few boys, girls, men, and women began to show the world who they are.”

-Style Diaries: World fashion from Berlin to Tokyo

Hello everyone!

I have not been able to post anything new (or interesting) for a long time because of my poor procrastinating powers. Also, exams are in a month so Biology books has pretty much replaced Vogue (I kid.) So I am going on a temporary hibernation but I can definitely tell you that I will have a big comeback.
Until then.