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French Vogue vs American Vogue

29 Jun


Vogue America
Previously I talked about the controversial androgynous model ANDREJ PEJIC where I outlined my views on the distinctions between French and American fashion. I am now trying to compare the two bibles of fashion- French Vogue and American Vogue, a debate going on since the magazine came out in the early 20th century.
There has always been this contest between American and French Vogue which I feel narrows down to their editors at large- Anna Wintour and the recently appointed, Emmanuelle Alt. Anna who may be the most popular person in the industry and one of the most powerful woman in the world today and Emmanuelle, fresh editor who was a style editor and is worshipped for her street style by all the leading street style blogs.
Being an Indian, everything American has always been more popular in my country as opposed to other foreign brands due to the sole reason that the States influence us more in terms of film and the more recent, culture. Anna Wintour is known to bring celebrity to the covers of her magazine  for the first time and that maybe the reason why the term ‘celebrity’ and ‘fashion’ can be used in one line. The French version, according to me, is rawer. They focus more on fashion and celebrate the fact that it is art. The American version will be more interested in celebrity and Hollywood. Full disclosure:  If French Vogue will have Natasha Poly or Isabeli Fontana on the cover, the American Vogue will have Sarah Jessica Parker or Angelina Jolie.
Dewi Dregan in Vogue Paris
The American version really scales out things for the conservative American audience and airbrush nudity or any other ‘inappropriate art’ whereas the french version contains bold features and celebrates fashion as art.  But then again American Vogue is a more commercialized version and gets a million readers while the French edition gets approximately 200,000 per issue. 
“I’m very happy at French Vogue to be able to do everything — almost everything — I want in the magazine.  It would be too political at American Vogue for me. At French Vogue, there’s less pressure to appeal to the masses. Its circulation of some 139,000 is dwarfed by the million plus readers of American Vogue.”- The then editor in chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld told CNN a couple of years back which I agree and it was further written in the article that the Paris team had only 25 members while the American office is well, packed!
Then why is American Vogue diminishing couture trends and splashing the magazine with more actresses and less models? Why is it that you know more about a new independent film after reading Vogue than you do on Vulture+ Agenda (I remember watching Beautiful Kate when I read about it in their last year issue). I cannot answer these questions because they are all under the reign of Miss. Anna. I am not taking sides since they hail from the same house but it would nice to see Anna actually using fashion in her magazine than celebrity styling.

Fashion Moment

11 Jun


Stating that fashion is my life is corny but true. It is that iridescent light that shines upon my soul (which makes me poetic apparently). But there are three fashion moments which are crystal clear.
When I was a child, we used to go a particular mall because my parents somewhat loved it so we used to wind up there whenever we went shopping, The ground floor was a beauty counter which was filled with Givenchy, Maybeline, and Yves Saint Laurent which was rare in India at that time. The whole floor was rather boring for me that time but one day when I stepped down there and reached near the Burberry counter, I smelled a fragrance which I still have a whiff of in my nose. Normally I would quintessentially go over to play at the swings section but the smell of that fragrance and the joy I received when my mum bought it was beyond measure,
Last summer, the main reason I started my blog was because of the copy of British Vogue my sister brought for me from London. She did bring a bunch of other stuff but I read and re-read Vogue a thousand times before I announced that I wanted to be in this. Heck no, I wanted to write in it. To tell you the truth, I sucked at writing. I was vain and naïve and felt that fashion only revolved around what Jennifer Lopez wore at the Globes or what Kristen Stewart wore at some random awards. I am not saying that I am any better of a writer now but I have certainly broadened my horizons and know that fashion is so much more which I am yet to explore.
Two months back, I attended a fashion week for the first time. Previously, my fashion experience was only around the internet and writing whilst on my couch in a pair of pajamas. But when I reached there, I knew I was at the right place. The whole experience was a crazy dream. I had never felt so much excitement in one room.
What are your favorite fashion moments in your life?