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7 Ways To turn your blog RAD

10 Jun


The blogging world is big and hard which makes it difficult for bloggers to breakthrough. After reading quite a few blogs (some famous and some being on the verge) I made a small list of steps from a reader’s point of view which can turn your blog rad:
Introduce a new Brand– If you are a personal style blogger, the best way to gain traffic and more hype among the blogging-world is to introduce a new brand through your outfits. You not only advertise the brand, but you also raise awareness among the bloggers for the product.
Incorporate more content in each post– It is always nice to make your blog post more interesting. Writing 3 blog posts won’t make it interesting if you can incorporate all three topics into one post. If you have a solid content, readers will look forward to your posts even if you are not that regular.
Originality is the key -It is written in countless websites that originality is the key and I concur. Giving your views on a certain issue will help which other sites do not offer. It is nice to adapt ideas from sites like Fashionista, Independent Fashion Bloggers, The Cut or Teen Vogue but copy-pasting stuff won’t help!
Photoblog– If you are a photographer or an illustrator, a photo blog is the best way to emit your talent. Make sure to post some original stuff and insert a portfolio and a contact page as well.
Personalize your articles– One of the things for which Style Bubble is famous for is because the author connects with the readers through her content. Putting articles in a way which connects the author and the content is the best way. This is perhaps the main difference between a magazine and a blog. Articles are more personalized in the latter.
A simple layout but an attractive header– A fancy blog layout won’t help much. All the leading blogs do not have a fancy layout but an attractive header. This helps the readers to focus on the content more and appreciate the header as well. Keep your blog layout as crisp and clean as you can and keep your sidebar as organized as possible.
Other ways– Some other ways to gain more followers and turn your blog rad is to Guest Post on other blogs; cover a Local Event near your area; Look for Internships to test your competence; Contribute to other magazines and websites.


What is the purpose of your blog?

13 May

You buy a pair of Topshop shorts, you blog about it. You covet a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, you blog about it. You cover a fashion show, you blog about it. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a voice.

The other day I stumbled upon a blog which was quite normal, I suppose. It contained a line stating about what the post was aiming at then followed upon dozens of picture from Google Images. The same pattern was followed post after post which became quite monotonous. There is nothing wrong in blogging about photographs but I questioned that if we wanted to see your good googling skills, why would we visit a blog? Why can’t we Google whatever we like? The Google offers the same purpose as your blog does but your blog only displays the pictures in a more orderly fashion.

I feel that fashion blogging is divided in different categories- There is personal style, then Fashion writing, Fashion Photography and Illustration. Each has their own strengths but the personal style blogs are perhaps the most famous ones. That doesn’t matter at all. What matters in a blog is the blogs originality which I think doesn’t come from just copy pasting Google images and writing a line about them respectively.

I remember reading an interview on The Business of Fashion with Suzy Menkes where she talked about the influence on the fashion world from fashion blogging. She said that “The world changed when fashion instead of being a monologue, became a conversation. And that’s never going to stop.” I think that sums up about the  influence wholly.

But have you ever thought about the answer to the question (if you are a blogger) – Why should we read your blog? I am not going to waxing eloquence on why you should read mine, but do the bloggers have the answer to the above question?

A blog should only be created with a purpose. And what purpose do I have? My purpose is to make my voice reach the other side of the world.

*click, click*

30 Jan

How many blogs have you read? Can’t count? Well neither can I! So I just thought I would mention some blogs/online magazines/ fashion websites worth a visit.(click on the image to view the site)

The magazine is a lovely collaboration of fashion Bloggers (like us) who contribute to it. It started last year and are out with three issues which you can download here ( i have). I wish I can also contribute to it!

I know I have been rambling about Atomica for quite sometime, but it IS very attractive and contemporary. If you have time please visit the magazine and maybe view my article on their 1st issue Omen on page 44? :P

Everyone loves the Style Bubble, don’t they? it is so appealing and well written. It feels like you are connecting with Susie rather than reading her blog. I first discovered her in British Vogue and read her whole article and ever since I read her blog daily.

If you have a blog about personal style or just want to show your style, this is the place to be. Lookbook is like the best personal style site today with over 2 Million users. I go there to look for blogs and appreciate their style.

(There will be a 2nd installation to this series so do not miss it)