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Last Month

31 Jan

I had a very nice last month so I just thought I will review it again so that I can smile whenever I read it :) (warning to many ‘I”s in it)

  • My Interview with Anouska got published on the first issue of Atomica. It was my first interview with a blogger too!
  • I viewed and got inspired by Lookbook A LOT! I actually know the regulars ;)
  • I really changed a lot of my sidebar display so now I am happy with it. I thought it was too populated last time.
  • I got accepted as a team member at High School Pieces! Wo-oh my first job ^_^
  • I viewed quite a handful of blogs which made me very happy since each of these blogs were unique and interesting.
  • I quite forgot to study in between so will spend more time studying next month than the internet (which is very addictive, isn’t it?)
  • I have already submitted two articles, one for Atomica (which will be published in their march issue) it features style blogger Keri while I review some colors of 2010. Another article is of High School Pieces which I hope they publish since¬† haven’t received a reply from them.. *fingers crossed*.
  • I took an interview with another photographer and photo blogger called Lucy and will publish it shortly.
  • I found an online gig called Faebric were they put interviews of aspiring photographers/editors/models so I might be submitting something to them .Those who think they are interested to get featured by an interview, I will help you! (by interviewing you i guess).
  • I actually found an online Indian fashion magazine called Y! it is owned by blogger whose name I don’t really know but I like his blog. It is actually very nice (the magazine) so you can view it too!

That’s it! because whoever is reading this must be really bored because this whole post was *me,me,me,me*. Will return to fashion soon!



*click, click*

30 Jan

How many blogs have you read? Can’t count? Well neither can I! So I just thought I would mention some blogs/online magazines/ fashion websites worth a visit.(click on the image to view the site)

The magazine is a lovely collaboration of fashion Bloggers (like us) who contribute to it. It started last year and are out with three issues which you can download here ( i have). I wish I can also contribute to it!

I know I have been rambling about Atomica for quite sometime, but it IS very attractive and contemporary. If you have time please visit the magazine and maybe view my article on their 1st issue Omen on page 44? :P

Everyone loves the Style Bubble, don’t they? it is so appealing and well written. It feels like you are connecting with Susie rather than reading her blog. I first discovered her in British Vogue and read her whole article and ever since I read her blog daily.

If you have a blog about personal style or just want to show your style, this is the place to be. Lookbook is like the best personal style site today with over 2 Million users. I go there to look for blogs and appreciate their style.

(There will be a 2nd installation to this series so do not miss it)