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17 May

I know I should probably be ranting about the impeccable dresses at Cannes or how Sonam Kapoor wore that Jean Paul Gautier or even about how Gisele Bundchen wore McQueen at Met. But I am irrevocably in love with the 60s London. The dresses, the music, the Beatles, The Swinging Movement.

I was just watching A Single Man and An Education (again) and became nostalgic. I can’t actually because I have never lived in the 60s but I always think about how I would be if I did. How I would have seen The Graduate on theater and The Beatles live. How I would have seen the evolution of the mini skirt and Twiggy’s style.

The allure

a single man

¬†Students in the ’60s were responsible for great changes, politically and socially.- Tom Ford



London: 1960s

The Swing




Provoking but Fabulous

8 Mar

So before the exams, instead of mugging up and laying awake every night studying, I am quite serenely browsing some rather addictive and not-so- lucrative online sites (namely magazines, youtube, blogs, youtube, articles, youtube, net-a-porter) I have been studying rather meticulously for what it seems like an eternity but THEY ARE NOT STARTING!(exasperation).

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the things I found but mind you they are quite a handful and rather provoking. But they are just to fabulous!

So everyone knows how evolutionary these online blogs and magazines are to the fashion industry. How bloggers get invited to fashion weeks and get featured on Vogue. There are some impeccable magazines which I just wanted to share.

HUH Magazine

HUH. Magazine is a free, arts & culture paper based in London. The magazine is released sporadically and contains interviews and features on both established and little known creatives.

It is a London-based independent collaboration where common yet intrinsic topics are reflected upon by some of the underrated yet articulate writers and photographers.

N.E.E.T. Magazine

N.E.E.T. is the first of its kind – online, free and packed with everyone from a crafter creating from their kitchen table, to a fashion design graduate straight out of college, to a team of people doing it for the love of it. N.E.E.T. Magazine is an eco-friendly, grassroots style bible for the digital age.

Their slogan- For grassroots and creativity, conveys everything. NEET comes with an immaculate vision, to support amateurs. Successfully running for about six years, it is creativity with featuring the best vintage clothes, as Katie White from The Tings Tings says. Go Indie!

Style Sample Magazine

Style Sample magazine is a free digital magazine for and about fashion bloggers. The magazine contains articles and editorial stories featuring a diverse array of well known and up-and-coming fashion bloggers and independent online entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty space.

Style Sample can be defined as independent yet contemporary. Ranging of provocative articles and intrinsic interviews, it is a delightful read for all. (read the latest issue here)

This past month I have had this addiction over The O.C. and have added the complete set on my wishlist. I watched the last season but never had the chance to watch the earlier installations (since I was seven when it was aired and all).

Elsewhere, I did a LOT of youtubing and found two wonderful channels. First is that of Burberry Acoustic- launched by Burberry, it displays talented musicians singing and quite beautifully I must say! It comprises of independent bands like One Night Only and artists like Adele and an extra delight of a video by Christopher Bailey where he talks about his inspirations from Youtube. (watch it here)

Second channel is called watchlistentell (watch listen tell) which has unusual, intriguing yet lovely independent street musicians (they perform on the streets).

One of the men designers I am greatly inspired by is Tom Ford because. He displayed his Spring/Summer Women’s Collection for the first time which was a grand gala with big names like Beyonce Knowles and Julianne Moore displaying his collection.

Also Tom Ford has launched exclusive Single Man glasses! Delight!

Here is exclusive Fashion scene from the Milan Fashion Week from WhoWhatWear

So I thinking about the Delhi Fashion scene and how it has changed (for betterment). India always had Dior and Yves Siant Laurent but never reached the common people. Tentatively, I will do one month of Delhi street style on my blog in April.

I have also joined some sites like Polyvore, Fashiolista and Suddenly Darling about which I will talk soon since this entry is tad to long!

Happy blogging!