One for the Road.

3 May








Crop top and shorts // Forever 21         Boyfriend Blazer // Urban Denim        Glasses//  RayBan

When I was young my parents told me to dream fearlessly- fly ,catch those ideas and pocket them in your mind. As I grew up and began to search for those ‘ideas’, I realized how uninspired and boring I was. Now as I stand on the crossroads of my life, I realize how empty we all are! Not believing in our ideas or be inspired by what we were with. When you are young and artless, you seek the simple path and never doubt anything.  But now I doubt everything around me. Every word or thought that comes around me. And I just realized that to get over my doubt, I just need to be inspired again.

Just  a quick post today. I finished my exams aka passed high school so now I am free for a while. I started writing for a few places (more on that later perhaps). Basically I wake up after noon, read eBooks since they are free and watch movies since they are free. Then on Mondays I watch Mad Men. I basically love my life right now! I am going to be posting more often alongside keeping you guys updated of my latest shenanigans on Twitter or Instagram. Onset of summer and laziness is pounded in me but I am too happy (lazy) to complain. 


See you guys later!







27 Mar

Fireflies at night.
Reminder of bright light moonlight. Oh,
Such a wonderful man.

His subtle touch
Burns me with desire
Desire Desire what Desire?

Pulsating beneath a tree
Crawling in the sky looking clean
Love beams to me.

Stopped to look
Catching my breathe to easily I discover
Lies all lies.

The dawn and my appeal

25 Mar

The premise that I have disappeared from the face of this earth is wholly and categorically false. We are irrevocably burdened with these painful ,painful, painful lie called exams which more or less tests your patience rather than capabilities. I only feel slightly liberated from reading thousands articles on Terry Richardson’s sexual allegations or Scott’s suicide or Kim Kardashian donning the cover of Vogue (SERIOUSLY WHAT DID I JUST SEE). So you guys can sense the amount of fun I am having this month.

Anywho I got an unpredictable gap between two exams which allowed me to click some pictures for the blog. Further, the weather was so smashingly amazing that I couldn’t help but step out to feel as I put it ‘liberated’.


 Crop top// gifted  Rest// Zara

I also wanted to comment on the recent allegations on Terry Richardson that left me utterly disgusted. The sad thing is that his work promoting sexual imaginary only sells well to the multitude of fans he has garnered over the past decade. His work, I deem, has raised another issue- Is fashion selling sex? We all know how ubiquitous that claim is. But demeaning women to this height is sad in times like these when we are above such disparities. Hailing from India, where gender biased still exists in large amounts, it makes me feel sick to see how much our industry is embroiled with it. Sexual harassment in and outside fashion is present however it is so well hidden in the industry that it becomes a hard fucking job for the victim to voice the ordeal.

 I request the stalwarts, the publishers, the editors to halt this molestation, subjugation- which has always been such a strong subject for the photographer. I admit that I follow his Tumblr sometimes, but I realized that the only reason I do is his knack for attracting celebrities into the frame. Fashion photography is an art where sex or nudity becomes a subject to showcase your ideas but using it for no reason is just faux and utterly pretentious. I strongly doubt whether fashion critics would appreciate the vile or disgusting way to portray your sexual fantasies.

Free as a bird

10 Dec

Lately, I have been hooked on watching short films especially on Dazed Digital. Sadly, fashion films have yet to become a  genre as we still call  Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Annie Hall to be the definitive landmarks for the fashion industry. I agree that they have been the pillars of Fashion Revolution but they cannot be called ‘fashion films’.

Try short films by Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford and Dior perhaps?

Anywho Dazed Digital features a Visionary section portraying short art films which have me addicted. Matt Lambert’s explicit series portraying provacative subjects really intrigue me. My favorite being Heile Gänsje exploring the theme of sexual identity of the Berlin youth.

Even at the midst of my exams, I have watched each film by him repeatedly and although I am a rookie on art cinema I think his themes can be traced back to the sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s epitomizing free love and expression has often interested me as a subject.

Since I haven’t blogged for a while, I also wanted to talk about Marc Jacob’s demise from Louis Vuitton. It was so sudden and unexpected that it really got me saddened as Jacob’s collection is always symbolic of creativity and individualism. By introducing apparel and menswear he lifted the brand into a global luxury project. His work will be truly missed.

Open Magazine, a weekly magazine in India, did a story on young fashion bloggers and featured me among others. It was an exciting project for Lace Grass Hues and the story came out lovely along with the pictures. I got some pictures for the blog so here it goes.

Fashion Bloggers (2)

Fashion Bloggers (3) (1)
Fashion Bloggers

Pictures by Rahul Irani for OPEN Magazine
Wearing: Zara top and boots, H&M Skirt and Mango Bag

I guess from all these years blogging I have learned a lot chiefly being that you cannot really do something about your flaws instead of being proud of them. A normal individual will have bad skin, fat thighs or ugly hands but what actually makes you stand out from all is your voice. Being unique and creative is the only way to get you some credit and that is what is going to make you matter. Stop having dogmatic views and rise above the ordinary. 


I should seriously get back to Vector Algebra or I will fail terribly.

Listen to Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens and The Killers