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Fall Ad Campaigns 2011

21 Jun


Hey you guys!
“A photograph captures a moment that will be lost forever”- Karl Lagerfeld
This one is a quickie.
My most favorite part of the year is here AKA THE CAMPAIGNS ARE OUT.
So, normally I would post the ones which I like and the ones which I didn’t . But I am pretty much coveting every single one of them:

Louis Vuitton
Lap dogs, vintage cars, fur, handcuffs..what more does one want?

I love the way how they have incorporated pastels in the whole collection

I am a little dissapointed with this one because this looks more like a magazine editorial than an actual campaign. Oh, well.
Tom Ford Beauty
Did I tell you about my irrevocable love for Tom Ford?
This campaign is a more animal print theme (literally) and even though I am no fan of animal print on clothing, I am willing to make an exception.
Dolce and Gabbana
The whole new ‘over everything’ is very compelling
Isabel Marant
..and this emits the opposite message. That of sparser the better, I believe.
PS- I have made some changes to the blog. I hope you like them! And also after a longtime (the beginning I suppose) I got this New Header. Red. Heels. Black embellishments. What’s there not to like?

(Images via Fashionista)



12 Jun


 The title is not in reference with the movie which was well horrible.

Hello Bloggers!
If you are as bored and oozing over the air conditioner air whilst sipping iced teas as I am doing, you need to look at this!

And that my friends is the Miu Miu Fall Winter collection which I am sure you are hyperventilating over now. Sigh, stuff which 14 year old cannot buy even if they save their allowance for a year. 
I have decided to take a break today from writing (from my blog and other sites) so I am going to catch some Friends re-runs on the TV. 

The Vogue Italia Cover

4 Jun


Vogue Italia June Cover

I am loving the new Vogue Italia cover with fuller women. It is great to see how the fashion bible experimenting. I previously wrote Size 20 is not that fat either where several people said that it would be lovely if they used a model with a size of a normal women instead of going size zero. I am pretty happy now. Looks like my rant has been heard!

The Editorial

I love this shot

That’s not half the battle, that’s the whole war’

4 Jun


I am bored as hell. I do have things lined up but they all seem so melancholic. Viewing editorials or even reading The Cut is not entertaining. I haven’t picked up Jane Eyre ever since I read the first three chapters. I have been spending time in listening to french songs whilst cooling myself via air conditioner. I bath in the evening and wake up during noon. I barely meet the deadline for my article submission. I don’t go out. I haven’t been out of the house the whole week. Clothes don’t make me happy nor does pizza (I KNOW). Blake Lively makes me jealous and so does Andrej Pejic. Life seems as tasteless (ok I suck at similes).
I think I will go out. Buy myself some paper and eat some momos (I know I am weird).
Anyhow the sad rant ends now.
Has anyone being obsessing over the Resort? Gucci is amazing this year and so is Erdem and Adam. Just Cavalli and Chanel were a little off but what the hell, right? Here is a look at some of my favorite campaigns (source

I love the way how they have incorporated a more casual look

The whole collection has a quite classic and an elegant milieu

The collection evokes color and the 20s. I love the tie and dye effect
Have a happy weekend!