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I could really use a wish right now

4 Sep

Hello you guys!

So I had my birthday last week which basically incorporated books and make-up (an amalgamation which I covet) so I just thought I would put it as one quick post. Exams are round the corner. Kill me.

Kurt Cobain, A Single Man, Wodehouse, Parisian Chic (SCORE!); ever seen this on one table? I am going to dedicate one post on Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines De La Fressange on how awesome it is.

Got some topshop make-up and a Dior mascara.

Yeah the post is pretty short but considering the fact the I have the whole chapter on Gender Discrimination and Trigonometric Ratios to learn, this seems enough!

PS- I was mentioned on IFB’s Project on the Evolution of Fashion Media. Do check it out!

I made my photographer- friend click my photos. Do check out his blog!

Will keep you guys posted!



“I had the blues but I shook them loose”

3 Aug

“Not so long ago, the fashion thing was cut and dried. Trends were created four times a year on the world’s most important catwalks and then delivered to the public in glossy fashion magazines. Only very rarely, when a spirit of rebellion was in the air, would fashion be momentarily dragged down from its lofty throne. But whether it was the hippie style, mod, or punk, thanks to the catwalk any subversive trend would be quickly ironed out and made palatable to the masses. Whatever was happening in the world’s closets, it was all the same to fashion, for fashion claimed the right to dictate what garments should be hanging there. For the last few years, however, the fashion network no longer extends only to Paris, Milan, and New York. Fashion is everywhere. How did this happen? Quite simply — a few boys, girls, men, and women began to show the world who they are.”

-Style Diaries: World fashion from Berlin to Tokyo

Hello everyone!

I have not been able to post anything new (or interesting) for a long time because of my poor procrastinating powers. Also, exams are in a month so Biology books has pretty much replaced Vogue (I kid.) So I am going on a temporary hibernation but I can definitely tell you that I will have a big comeback.
Until then.

A closer look at my internship at emcBlue

10 Jul

With halfway through my internship at emcBlue, I thought I would share with you guys about what I actually do with the site., a division of Executive Music Company, is a dynamic all-star social networking site with a focus on helping users to showcase their style.  If you love music, fashion, or photography, you’ll love emcBlue helps photographers, models, and artists, showcase their talent by providing users with innovative profiles, designed to stimulate the audio/visual senses.  Our blue pages are set to be the most innovative profiles on the web.  emcBlue users can register as a fan, artist, band, producer, model, photographer, or designer.  At emcBlue, we’re about music, fashion, photography, culture, and community.  We dare our users to push their creativity to its limits.

I started the internship in mid- May and have been contributing to the site thrice a week since. I basically write about fashion but sometimes touch music and pop culture too (if not usually). The site is a great way to stay updated because it has a mixture of literally everything. They have a blue profile page which gets updated every Monday and I contributed to it last week. They also have a section called the ‘style hub’ where they focus on a celebrity style and how it emerges to become a trend. Overall, the site is very entertaining because there is something to explore everywhere whether you are interested to showcase your talent (they have an exclusive community for that) or just want to be updated on the latest news in the entertainment industry. They also have a tabulated music chart system where you can go and listen to the recent hits for all the music lovers like me. Also, if you are any aspiring writer you can contact them and they will reply for sure because they have such a cool and sweet team!


Take me to this another world

6 Jul

This are an ensemble of pictures which I am coveting. School is about to start from tomorrow so I will be pretty busy. This summer was good.

Have a nice Mid-Week!