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28 Aug
 Top 10 Fashion Magazines/Websites/Blogs
There is this prolonged stress on the fact on how the industry has changed after online fashion media; how apt we are with the latest news; how it has served out industry; how it has started the fashion blogging revolution.
  • Dazed and Confused I have worshipped the digital version of Dazed and Confused from the time I was introduced to blogging. Dazed and Confused is one such publication that projects the artistic appeal in fashion; that really brings the fashion to a whole new level far from Hollywood and celebrities.
  • The Blonde Salad This was probably one of the first blogs I read that inspired me to blog. It isn’t because of the fact of what Chiara wears, it is because how she correlates her daily routine with fashion, how beautifully she projects her style and how we bow to the achievements she finds.
  • Jak & Jill Blog A photograph conveys what words can’t. Jak and Jill portrays the actual street style and behind the scenes coverage which every blogger dreams of.
  •  POSHGLAM Before I started contributing to the site this summer, I really dug up their archives to find that if I want to read some creative and articulate editorials, POSHGLAM is the site. They have those normal ‘Celebs’ ,‘Luxury’ or ‘Travel’ pages but the content is what blows my mind. A news issue projected as a full blown article is what inspires me.
  • Fashionista I get my daily fashion news update (like several thousand fashion freaks) from this site. Updated every day (minute), this is a website that has served as a fashion newspaper to me since last fall. I really used to wonder on how the rest of the world got aware of the inside in fashion but I believe that I am a part of the movement now.
  • Vogue No explanations necessary. The sole reason why I open my blog everyday and write my heart out.
  • Style Scrapbook Andy Torres is an epitome of modern and chic fashion. She inspires my style and makes me want to add something to my basic black tshirt and white shorts.
  • The Cut Ever since I have started writing, The New York Times is a place that gives me my inspiration. I have always had a dream to write for the publication due to their quality of work and the apt content. The Cut is the blog where I get the daily opinion on the industry. Well edited articles with referential photographs, if I worked in the industry in future, The New York Times is the first place I will go to.
  • is one if the first website to rise when online media was nothing. They gave a new face to fashion websites. Affiliated with Vogue previously, the website is a place where I visit all the fashion shows around the world with a full report on each.
  • Women’s Wear Daily According to Women’s Wear Daily is a tagline which every fashion article carries. One of the first fashion business related website, WWD serves me the greater purpose of fashion.
These are just some of my daily reads I have listed. What are yours?


French Vogue vs American Vogue

29 Jun


Vogue America
Previously I talked about the controversial androgynous model ANDREJ PEJIC where I outlined my views on the distinctions between French and American fashion. I am now trying to compare the two bibles of fashion- French Vogue and American Vogue, a debate going on since the magazine came out in the early 20th century.
There has always been this contest between American and French Vogue which I feel narrows down to their editors at large- Anna Wintour and the recently appointed, Emmanuelle Alt. Anna who may be the most popular person in the industry and one of the most powerful woman in the world today and Emmanuelle, fresh editor who was a style editor and is worshipped for her street style by all the leading street style blogs.
Being an Indian, everything American has always been more popular in my country as opposed to other foreign brands due to the sole reason that the States influence us more in terms of film and the more recent, culture. Anna Wintour is known to bring celebrity to the covers of her magazine  for the first time and that maybe the reason why the term ‘celebrity’ and ‘fashion’ can be used in one line. The French version, according to me, is rawer. They focus more on fashion and celebrate the fact that it is art. The American version will be more interested in celebrity and Hollywood. Full disclosure:  If French Vogue will have Natasha Poly or Isabeli Fontana on the cover, the American Vogue will have Sarah Jessica Parker or Angelina Jolie.
Dewi Dregan in Vogue Paris
The American version really scales out things for the conservative American audience and airbrush nudity or any other ‘inappropriate art’ whereas the french version contains bold features and celebrates fashion as art.  But then again American Vogue is a more commercialized version and gets a million readers while the French edition gets approximately 200,000 per issue. 
“I’m very happy at French Vogue to be able to do everything — almost everything — I want in the magazine.  It would be too political at American Vogue for me. At French Vogue, there’s less pressure to appeal to the masses. Its circulation of some 139,000 is dwarfed by the million plus readers of American Vogue.”- The then editor in chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld told CNN a couple of years back which I agree and it was further written in the article that the Paris team had only 25 members while the American office is well, packed!
Then why is American Vogue diminishing couture trends and splashing the magazine with more actresses and less models? Why is it that you know more about a new independent film after reading Vogue than you do on Vulture+ Agenda (I remember watching Beautiful Kate when I read about it in their last year issue). I cannot answer these questions because they are all under the reign of Miss. Anna. I am not taking sides since they hail from the same house but it would nice to see Anna actually using fashion in her magazine than celebrity styling.

The True Form of Art

20 Jun


I remember reading in The Guardian about the speculation on fashion being an art form. They outlined the article in affirmative stating that fashion is truly an art form and a liberal industry indeed. I quite agreed with the whole article but seeing the controversy that Andrej Pejic has got into over the months really makes me question the above statement.
Andrej on the cover of Dossier
 The androgynous model was ranked at number 98 in FHM’s magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 though they apologized for the ‘error’ but also called him a ‘thing’ in the same article. Barnes and Noble banned a topless shot of the model in Dossier cover because they are concerned of the fact that the customers might be confused and didn’t not want to be perceived as a nude magazine.This is the difference between American fashion and French fashion. The society fails to interest the true meaning of the whole term which we associate with ‘art’. There are  a hundred paintings comprising of naked art which are put up in every gallery but the people fail to do so the same justice with fashion.
Andrej on the interview
 There was an interview on Livejournal with the model where he was quoted saying-
“As a kid, you get to the stage where you realize the gender barriers that exist in society and what you’re supposed to do and not supposed to do. I really tried being someone else during that period. It was hard for me – not being able to express myself and feeling I had to be someone else.”
I hold a great respect for the model. He started his career at 18 where he modeled for designers like John Galliano, and Paul Simons, starred in Marc Jacobs’s ad Campaign and served as a muse for Jean Paul Gaultier. The model recently walked in both men’s and women’s collection for Lino Villaventura’s collection at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. 
Andrej Pejic at Sao Paulo Fashion Week
 Though the fashion industry is quite fond and has a great demand for the model, I am still disgusted with how the people outside the fashion world treat and address him. There was a stretch written at Styleite which summed up my feelings exactly-
Clearly, when they say the individual concerned, they mean whichever insecure straight guy wrote this hogwash to begin with.  Also, clearly, they don’t regret any of the wantonly ignorant things their writer strung together about Pejic’s career and impact on the industry, just that their editors couldn’t clean them up before they were published.” Amen to whoever wrote this.
I guess people have different outlook towards fashion being an art form but I don’t give a shit of what FHM Magazine articulates about the whole situation because the whole truth lies on the fact that I hadn’t even heard about the magazine until this whole issue popped out.

7 Ways To turn your blog RAD

10 Jun


The blogging world is big and hard which makes it difficult for bloggers to breakthrough. After reading quite a few blogs (some famous and some being on the verge) I made a small list of steps from a reader’s point of view which can turn your blog rad:
Introduce a new Brand– If you are a personal style blogger, the best way to gain traffic and more hype among the blogging-world is to introduce a new brand through your outfits. You not only advertise the brand, but you also raise awareness among the bloggers for the product.
Incorporate more content in each post– It is always nice to make your blog post more interesting. Writing 3 blog posts won’t make it interesting if you can incorporate all three topics into one post. If you have a solid content, readers will look forward to your posts even if you are not that regular.
Originality is the key -It is written in countless websites that originality is the key and I concur. Giving your views on a certain issue will help which other sites do not offer. It is nice to adapt ideas from sites like Fashionista, Independent Fashion Bloggers, The Cut or Teen Vogue but copy-pasting stuff won’t help!
Photoblog– If you are a photographer or an illustrator, a photo blog is the best way to emit your talent. Make sure to post some original stuff and insert a portfolio and a contact page as well.
Personalize your articles– One of the things for which Style Bubble is famous for is because the author connects with the readers through her content. Putting articles in a way which connects the author and the content is the best way. This is perhaps the main difference between a magazine and a blog. Articles are more personalized in the latter.
A simple layout but an attractive header– A fancy blog layout won’t help much. All the leading blogs do not have a fancy layout but an attractive header. This helps the readers to focus on the content more and appreciate the header as well. Keep your blog layout as crisp and clean as you can and keep your sidebar as organized as possible.
Other ways– Some other ways to gain more followers and turn your blog rad is to Guest Post on other blogs; cover a Local Event near your area; Look for Internships to test your competence; Contribute to other magazines and websites.