Where there is music and there are people who are young and alive.

7 Oct















Red dress// HnM   Leather Jacket// Forever 21

After almost a century I have decided to update you guys to what has been up these past few months. A lot has been going on. University started a month ago which has been keeping me pretty busy. I shifted to Europe few weeks ago for university and the move has been pretty damn overwhelming. I am at Maastricht studying about Art and Culture and Life (okay I might have added that bit). Luckily, I am in a place which allows me to travel to a lot of place in Europe- which I intend to do. These are some excerpts from my weekend in Liege, Belgium. Luckily, we went there in the beginning of Oktoberfest so the entire city was bustling with life. 

The move has been pretty big. Living alone in another continent etc. And it took me a lot of time to get used to the idea to cook, wash and clean. However, the liberating feeling surpasses all these minor responsibilities. I feel that this past month I have grown more than I ever did this past year. The theme of this post is far from fashion and more about other things; I apologize. I will try to not deviate from the topic but I deem this topic needed discussion for tumultuous amount of time! 

I will see you guys soon with more deets about travel and new life x


One Response to “Where there is music and there are people who are young and alive.”

  1. micronman July 21, 2016 at 6:29 am #

    Nice blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing….
    good pics

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