Sun also rises.

27 May

Lace top and bag// Forever 21       Skirt and necklace// Borrowed   Heels//Zara


Changes in life are often reflected in our personal style and ideas. Changes bring upon our experimental phase which I suppose is my outfit today. I am still a rookie but I often deemed my style to be clean, classic and rather predictable. Neutral over color, straight fit over boot, white over silver..

But as I am leaving things I have held on for years, I have realized that experimenting with life as whole is of paramount importance. That is why I opted for this look. Lace has been a  favorite fabric since my inception (blog title kinda gives it away) and instead of making it predictably girly, I experimented it with this skirt so that it echoes a more passively chic style. More Mary Kate Olsen than Olivia Palermo, I think. It was too hot to shoot outside but with the sun shining beautifully it sort of added a different light to the look indoors. 

I have started doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do in my life after getting rid of school . I mean college isn’t what I want to do, it is a path I take which helps me reach somewhere. At one end I am inspired by Jack Kerouac and ‘Mad to Live’- travel, write, love- everything so fast that I can’t feel emptiness. On the other hand I want to be a high-powered job- hungry power woman who is under control and controlling. I am sure there is a grey area to two polar opposites ideas that I am meandering in albeit I cannot seem to figure it out. As a student, I am in that phase where I do not know where I am going to be in less than six months. Fashion inspires me and writing about it gives me another high but I really do not want to be stuck writing about ‘ Five shades of lipsticks we love’ or hideously meaningless crap (no offense to those who write it, I am sure you garner more views than I do anyway).


Anywho my rantings are infinite and bored persons might try to listen. So I will stop now. Tell me how the outfit was!

PS- Those books aren’t mine. 


One Response to “Sun also rises.”

  1. micronman July 21, 2016 at 6:46 am #

    Nice blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing….
    good pics

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