Safilo Collection Preview

6 May

I recently attended the Safilo collection preview showcasing their latest sunglasses for the season. It housed brands like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Pierre Cardin, Boss, Dior – to name a few. It exhibited various varieties where you could pick the ones you like and try them on. It was a great exposure to attend to the latest styles and get the ideas for what’s trending. I got some pictures of the event and what I wore for the same for you guys to get the idea.








Lace Skirt// Forever 21        Top// Forever New      Bag// Mango   Sunglasses// Marc Jacobs (from the preview)

I always find collection previews and store launches very helpful and a lucrative way of analyzing if the trends in the West and India are parallel. This is perfectly aided by the preview of luxury brands (like this one). I have surmised that the collection in India by luxury brands- apparels and accessorizes alike, are always a season late. This really saddens me because the purpose of a trend is timing. Even if an average Indian shopper cannot afford a Birkin, we use such brands for inspiration for our personal style. I am happy that this gap is slowly decreasing due to the rise of digital media which keeps us updated.

Also, I really liked these quirky sunglasses. I picked these lovelies from the Marc Jacobs kiosk when I noticed the signature frame. The crimson red is particularly eye catching and I am desperate to own a pair.


See you on the other side! 


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