One for the Road.

3 May








Crop top and shorts // Forever 21         Boyfriend Blazer // Urban Denim        Glasses//  RayBan

When I was young my parents told me to dream fearlessly- fly ,catch those ideas and pocket them in your mind. As I grew up and began to search for those ‘ideas’, I realized how uninspired and boring I was. Now as I stand on the crossroads of my life, I realize how empty we all are! Not believing in our ideas or be inspired by what we were with. When you are young and artless, you seek the simple path and never doubt anything.  But now I doubt everything around me. Every word or thought that comes around me. And I just realized that to get over my doubt, I just need to be inspired again.

Just  a quick post today. I finished my exams aka passed high school so now I am free for a while. I started writing for a few places (more on that later perhaps). Basically I wake up after noon, read eBooks since they are free and watch movies since they are free. Then on Mondays I watch Mad Men. I basically love my life right now! I am going to be posting more often alongside keeping you guys updated of my latest shenanigans on Twitter or Instagram. Onset of summer and laziness is pounded in me but I am too happy (lazy) to complain. 


See you guys later!






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