I see everything before me it was birthday, sex and sleep.

19 Oct




Wearing: Dress from Forever 21, Heels from Zara, Ring is borrowed

The psychedelic movement began in the 60’s through music after it had already provided as an dominant subculture in art. Psychedelia is a trance-like state when everything suddenly becomes lucid and you reach enlightenment. This prevalent subculture has always evoked a sense of wonder in me after I became a Pink Floyd groupie. Do we want psychedelia back?

Nobody knows where you are.

I kept my outfit rather simple while using lace which has been the biggest trend this year. I have actually started looking forward to posting on the blog as it has become the thing to look forward too in my (now) mundane life. As I have been (previously) ranting that even if I am not studying so much, or, not at all, I can’t help but think and over think as to how next year would shape as. College is of course a life- changing step in life and it depends on how you treat that change in order to mold as the person you actually become later.

I have been doing projects side by side as well which I always forget to talk about here like product launches, benefits and fashion shows etc.  Will do next time!

Submarine soundtrack by Arctic Monkeys, Stefan Biniak’s depause tracks, Mathew Mayfield and Daft Punk.

I wholly apologize for the bad quality. Pathetic lighting and a fucked up lens. 

See you guys soon(ish)! 


One Response to “I see everything before me it was birthday, sex and sleep.”

  1. De Ven Der Bora April 11, 2014 at 7:58 am #

    love the way you write your articles (Y) they are awesome keep the good work going all the best (:

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