20 Sep

So I got accepted to London College of Fashion for their BA Fashion Journalism program though college is still a dominant dilemma. Anyway, as a portfolio I went ahead and designed a Magazine for the same. It did take up an entire month with countless Adobe tutorials and the fact that it didn’t reflect a self obsessed teen rant. Subtlety has never been my best pursuit. When you are preparing a portfolio, I guess, you need to display your work without being pompous and/or display self love.

This was in June.

Senior year has been a bit crazy. Regardless, it is the last everything from all those countless exams to the school events. And even though I loathed every minute of high school I wouldn’t know what to do with my mornings after I am done with it.  With all these tests and exams and my horrible attempt to understand calculus, I am going to just scrape through math and hide in a thick pair of blanket.

Reading Re- reading Fight Club, On the Road, Fitzgerald has however made my summer more eventful than mentioned previously.

I won’t make empty promises to write regularly because I realized that  in the midst of college also begins a soul search.Those countless essays, courses, programs make you question of the kind of person you are or whether you are good enough. And while those doubts cloud up your mind, you cannot write. You begin doubting what you write – whether it will matter; whether it even echoes who you are.

I am jack’s worst nightmare.

I end this post with some excerpts from the magazine I designed in the summer. Would love some feedback!


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