Have we lost our true sense of style?

13 Jun

Just something I wrote after sleepless nights and caffeine shots. Might sound a bit frustrated and aggressive. Apologize for that. Also, I am not a hypocrite, just concerned.


Photo from Jak & Jil

The growing commercialization in fashion has made us question this form of art. As Suzy Menkes mentioned in her article, in an effort to sell a particular brand or product, bloggers have lost their sense of style While this fact infuriated me in the first instance, I couldn’t help but deeply ponder if this situation was actually true. In this era of commercial fashion, have we lost our sense of style?

The street is a stage and all of us are mere actors. Taking fashion weeks, for instance, where editors and celebrities pioneered page 3 appearances, it isn’t surprising to see bloggers making their own appearance. However, I am not questioning the authority of blogger to be on print. I am questioning to what lengths to go to get there which is somewhat pathetic. 

Clad in plethora of accessories, a typical blogger goes like, I am wearing Marc Jacobs and I am his muse. They get paid to wear a designer and speak up about it. While it is fantastic for networking and earning, what happened to the unbiased voice they carried?

According to me, a blog is a newspaper run (mostly) by an individual which echoes their personal style and opinion. They attend such galas for education not showcase. Somehow, what happens in the runway has become less happening than what happens outside- a mirage of celebrity- esque bloggers screaming for attention by wearing atrociously dramatic head gears and grotesque shoes that can make you sick. Call me an extremist, but the thought of becoming a sellout sickens me. This call for attention so that they can be photographed and featured somewhere famous is a bizarre idea. Maybe the bloggers aren’t consciously calling for attention, but shouldn’t this commercialization somewhat stop? Fashion is perhaps the best platform to purely showcase your voice, personality and self. If it is biased, then sadly it voices something starkly opposite to what it caters for. 


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