23 May

My Another Brick in the wall moment



Have you ever felt that whatever you write is total shit? Self doubt has trapped me. I think but I cannot reflect. Uncertainty. Procrastination. 

Wearing: White jacket from Forever 21, black heels from Zara, thrifted tank

Chanel. Band of Horses. Kings of Leon  Balmain. Shoes. Frozen Yogurt. Mum. Dad. Medieval European history. Burberry. Jack Kerouac. Givenchy. Twitter. Feminism. Vogue. Surrealism  Daniel Craig. Cookies. Tom Ford  Last Night. Strobe. Death Cab for Cutie. The damned and the beautiful. Vodka. Romantic Comedies. New York City. Fashion Weeks. Bed. Kebabs. Harry Potter. HBO Girls. Kurt Vonnegut. Zara.Roman Holiday. Vogue. Comfortable Numb. Miu Miu. Grazia. Marc Jacobs. My sister. Andy Warhol.Sherlock. Strawberries. Pizza. The Beatles. The Bell Jar. For Emma forever yours. Jeff Buckly. Sylvia Plath. Catcher in the Rye. Jazz age. Renaissance  Lilac wine. Line of best fit. Ackerman. Grace. George Harrison. Patrick Joseph. Psychedelia  Wish you were here. Kurt Cobain.


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