Line of Best Fit

14 Nov

My lack of online presence is redolent that I have recently moved in a cave/desolate island but that isn’t true. I have posts pented up of October which was rather eventful for two things: Will’s Lifestyle India Fashion Week as well as my collaboration with Liberty India for a product review.

I attended Atsu Sekhose’s show at the WIFW this time. With major ass kicking from school, I barely had time to go for this show let alone be at the venue the whole time (which I seriously want to; for once). Anyway, Atsu incorporated North Eastern fabrics with western silhouettes- a rather coveted amalgamation. However, the execution lacked definition partly because the show was EPICALLY late (45 minutes, tch tch) but also one of the models slipped on the ramp. It did look rather difficult to walk on.

The venue, Buyer’s corner, Atsu talking to reporters and the show.

Also, I collaborated with Liberty India to review their recently launched clogs. Comfort fashion has always been under speculation with designers like Alexander Wang donning it in their collection. Clogs have rather enhanced this trend by keeping comfort as a  strong subtext. I was sent a pair of clogs for a week to strut around and test them and they proved to be rather comforting. With a bit of heel they gave the legs a bit of shape too.

Recently, I have been following Death Cab for Cutie lot and am on the verge of stalking. I was sold after I heard Soul Meets Body and then I heard the most amazing album ever: Something about Airplanes. The title of the post is my favorite song of now, check it out too.



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