10 Aug

“And suddenly, I felt nothing”

– Edward Norton, Fight Club


After a lot of drafts and post – ideas, I have come up with this post which mainly outlines the ten reasons on how I wasted my last five months.

  1. I interned for an Indian Fashion Retail website this summer which basically meant going and coming back the opposite side of Delhi every week + brainstorming (or not)
  2. We had a summer for exactly a month after which exam papers were pushed into our desks. So I spent my free time the whole summer trying to study.
  3. It’s so hot, I want to cry
  4. I have been trying to write a short story whose title has been tentatively named “Elapse”. I will try to get it published by the end of this year
  5. I have decided to give my SATS and IELTS this year so I have been trying to study for those too.
  6. Differentiation is a bitch
  7. Spend my time listening to Death Cab for Cutie, Band of Horses, Laura Marling and Good old Elliot
  8. Looking for more blogging jobs
  9. I am a highly lazy person whose best friend is the couch in her room and a lot of Diet Coke.
  10. I have been watching to much Fight Club. Yep, that’s a reason

So anywho, I just wanted to talk about how Gaga is donning Vogue again after March for their hyped September issue. I went on to Fashionista where they posted all the major magazine covers for September, which frankly, seems highly disappointing. I mean the covers are not artistic at all but highly commercial. But I rather liked Bazaar’s UK cover with Keira Knightly.


On a brighter note, Badgley Mischka celebrated 24 years in fashion! Happy anniversary guys!



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