Because I am about to set fire to everything I see

20 Feb
While supposedly spring should beckon upon is it is still freezing around the globe and fashionista’s hovering from capital to capital carry along their Valentino’s coats and Ackerman boots to attend the coveted shows now that fashion week is here.
New Delhi saw the Fashion Week too this week for which I got accreditation but couldn’t attend because I conveniently fell ill (time is a bitch)anyhow the WIFW went quite rad I heard so I hope I get the passes in September too. I also have my finals next month after which I will blog more regularly.
I just wanted to talk about Glass Magazine. Glass is an independent collaboration with their headquarters in London for which I am blogging for since last month. It is quite fun so don’t forget to check out their blog and then come back here to share on comments!
No updates for now so I will just show you guys some more pictures of the Trench Event i attended. (no more orgasming over it from next post, I promise)
Dino Morea, Sunit Verma and Zayed Khan
Indrani Das Gupta
Dino Morea
Jacqueline Fernandez with Sanjay Kapoor
Neha Dhupia
See you later now

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