I’ll be holding all the tickets And you’ll be owning all the fines

10 Dec
This post is merely a news post on contrary to how I fail to blog regularly though regardless on how I cannot cater some interesting deeds for the blog (though I try too). I want to click pictures for the blog, outfit post, get guest bloggers..so much! But other than school I am also under pressure from different collaborations since I have foolishly taken all the work at the sometime while last month I didn’t even submit that was mandatory every month. I tend to fluctuate like that.
Anyhow I attended this PR event to cover for POSHGLAM at DLF Emporio. It was basically the launch of a new dining destination called AUMA for which they arranged this luncheon (or high tea as they called it). I ended up wearing a plan white shirt along with jeans and heels.  I am going to post some pictures here soon as it is like a collection of mouthwatering food they served in the premises which was soon gulped up by leading food critics (that’s what food does to y’all).
Also, I collaborated with Benjamin Kanarek and later drifted of to write a blog post for his amazing blog called How Indian fashion industry has risen to an independent fashion industry‘ . Later he asked me to be a permanent writer so I am hoping to write something more for him soon.
Also, I was going to intern in a newspaper this winter but our school is not giving us an ample vacation time so that idea has been dropped and studying for the finals has been adopted. December and January are rather free at school so I am hoping to do a lot for this blog along with taking new projects since I will go on a sabbatical for two months to study for the most crucial finals I have ever given (o pressure though).
So I am going to go watch New Year’s Eve which I know will suck but I just want to get into that holiday mood.
Bon Iver- Skinny Love

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