26 Nov
So I am not dead and/or off to a holiday to a far off island (with no internet connection), I am just what you call- worked up. And not with just this blogger stuff. School tests, those midterms (then the result), then another set of tests- Indian education system doesn’t let you rest even for a little time.
How funny is the new sitcom New Girl? It doesn’t have story as such but I love Zoey Deschanel’s quirky and weird style! I guess it is nice to start a fresh from those boring (clichéd) shows we watch all the time. Though I covet Vampire Diaries’ music. It is so my taste!
I have also caught a lot of movies this autumn. Like I caught Fifty/Fifty which is really nice! AND NO I AM NOT GOING TO WATCH BREAKING DAWN. I watched Twilight (which was nice due to the fact that their director-Catherine Hardwicke who is also the director of Lord’s of Dogtown made it watchable), I slept through New Moon and I didn’t even bother to get my lazy ass of the couch to go for Eclipse.
What is up with these crazy designer collaborations? It is fine to just lend of some inspirations and stuff but doing a whole collection? Do you think that the designers are actually just selling themselves short in a desperate attempt to spike up their sales or do you think that they want to make themselves available to a crowd as a whole and not just to the rich and privileged who can walk up to a Chanel store and buy just anything they want? It would be really nice to hear some views! I am planning to do a blog post on these collaborations soon.
Did anyone catch the American Music Awards? It were fine, I guess but I was a little disappointed with Adam Levine’s  performance since it was so highly awaited but in the end he just came off as if he couldn’t sing at all. A little surprised with Katy Perry’s performance since she is not nice live but that day her performance was pretty breathtaking. Taylor Swift won again. No comments on that.
I also made it to the cut of Independent Fashion Blogger’s Links A La Mode which was just freaking amazing. Check it out!



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