9 Oct
Chic– a syllable so small yet so definitive. We have very mundane lives with a terribly monotonous routine but somehow how you dress, or fashion at large can make a change. True, a lot of people may not agree but it is the one thing you can look forward to in the morning. I am not promoting this obnoxiously vast topic or advertising it, but being a simple, realistic person.

‘Fashion is what you make of it’ a prolonged statement that every fashion critic stresses upon. It isn’t what you wear, is it? It is how you wear it. Designers are overrated. What can you do with a navy blue skirt, you ask? Or that trench lying in the house since a decade? Or even that ugly mustard jumper? It isn’t always about the availability of the raw material; it is about how you use it. You need the right taste. And that is not half the battle, that’s the whole war.
– Images via weheartit.com

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