The Beginning Of The End

21 Sep

Hello All!

I have decided not to moan about my exams because seriously if I was a reader I would pretty much hit the unfollow button instead of reading the monotonous rant.


  Anywho, I am coveting Rodarte’s (New York) and Burberry Prorsum’s (London) collection. I know how everybody goes like how Burberry doesn’t try anything new and sticks to their ‘comfort zone’ but I personally think that they have created a certain type of niche where it is pretty much at the helm. Historically, Burberry wasn’t counted much, but after Bailey, it has all changed. Burberry has the certain appeal which enraptures the masses with their signature trenches and those dresses which (for me) screams ‘British’ in an obnoxiously loud way. Be it the silhouette or the big- buttons, Burberry puts in a collection which has to be remembered. I read an articleabout Christopher Bailey on Vogue which basically talked about how he has mixed fashion with digitalia and how the other designers bow down to him. To conclude, Burberry is definitely on the top of my list.


Rodarte has been and always will be a classic. The hues and the atmosphere at the show really make me want to apparate from my couch and bag the front sit to their show. The sisters rarely keep me disappointed, the meticulously detailed fabrics along with those to-die-for shoes, is Christmas early this year?!

PS- I have an exciting news to tell you for this winter! An exciting internship coming up!!

Photos of Rodarte from and Burberry from The Blonde Salad


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