28 Aug
 Top 10 Fashion Magazines/Websites/Blogs
There is this prolonged stress on the fact on how the industry has changed after online fashion media; how apt we are with the latest news; how it has served out industry; how it has started the fashion blogging revolution.
  • Dazed and Confused I have worshipped the digital version of Dazed and Confused from the time I was introduced to blogging. Dazed and Confused is one such publication that projects the artistic appeal in fashion; that really brings the fashion to a whole new level far from Hollywood and celebrities.
  • The Blonde Salad This was probably one of the first blogs I read that inspired me to blog. It isn’t because of the fact of what Chiara wears, it is because how she correlates her daily routine with fashion, how beautifully she projects her style and how we bow to the achievements she finds.
  • Jak & Jill Blog A photograph conveys what words can’t. Jak and Jill portrays the actual street style and behind the scenes coverage which every blogger dreams of.
  •  POSHGLAM Before I started contributing to the site this summer, I really dug up their archives to find that if I want to read some creative and articulate editorials, POSHGLAM is the site. They have those normal ‘Celebs’ ,‘Luxury’ or ‘Travel’ pages but the content is what blows my mind. A news issue projected as a full blown article is what inspires me.
  • Fashionista I get my daily fashion news update (like several thousand fashion freaks) from this site. Updated every day (minute), this is a website that has served as a fashion newspaper to me since last fall. I really used to wonder on how the rest of the world got aware of the inside in fashion but I believe that I am a part of the movement now.
  • Vogue No explanations necessary. The sole reason why I open my blog everyday and write my heart out.
  • Style Scrapbook Andy Torres is an epitome of modern and chic fashion. She inspires my style and makes me want to add something to my basic black tshirt and white shorts.
  • The Cut Ever since I have started writing, The New York Times is a place that gives me my inspiration. I have always had a dream to write for the publication due to their quality of work and the apt content. The Cut is the blog where I get the daily opinion on the industry. Well edited articles with referential photographs, if I worked in the industry in future, The New York Times is the first place I will go to.
  • Style.com Style.com is one if the first website to rise when online media was nothing. They gave a new face to fashion websites. Affiliated with Vogue previously, the website is a place where I visit all the fashion shows around the world with a full report on each.
  • Women’s Wear Daily According to Women’s Wear Daily is a tagline which every fashion article carries. One of the first fashion business related website, WWD serves me the greater purpose of fashion.
These are just some of my daily reads I have listed. What are yours?


3 Responses to “IFB Project #11 EVOLUTION OF FASHION MEDIA”

  1. Plamena Zahova August 30, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    Thank you for taking the time to put this great lost together!



  2. mochadaily September 1, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

    good list:)


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