5 Jul

Life is hard. It is a fact which everybody realizes. Talent exists. People fight, they hover. Then what is the purpose of you? Will they remember you when you die?


Hello everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was a bliss since it was the last weekend before my school starts. Takeaway Chinese, Sex and the City re-runs  and iced tea- what more does one want?

The sales are in full swing. Don’t you get a rush of adrenaline to see that piece of cloth in a discounted price which you have been coveting the whole season? And the fights. Oh, the fight. That is probably the biggest entertainer! I went out shopping in this season last week. And I did  find stuff. Here is a look-

I have no fucking clue from where they belong since I just grabbed them after finding the right size

I also bought a Bodyshop conditioner and a pair of Blue ballerina flats. I do not use a lot of conditioner because I have inherited irritatingly silky hair from my folks but it smelled like forest. I love the blue Breton top (shown above) because I bought it a size lager and can wear it with a high-waisted skirt, shorts, jeans and practically anything or nothing at all because it is so long!

I have to tell you guys something. Okay two-

a) I wrote an article for High School Piece called ‘The Trend to be perfect’ where I talked about how teenagers and all women are obsessed in looking perfect and then attain harmful means to adapt to flawless skin/hair/body. Do check it out!

b) I covered Blake Lively for my internship where I talked about her ventures and her style check out the article here

Do you like the new header?

Until we meet again.

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