See the life I have had, will make a good man turn bad"

27 Jun


Hello You Guys!
I know I shouldn’t be blogging just once a week but the summer is pretty much packed up. School is opening in a week and there is a lot of work to do for a person who didn’t even open a single textbook the whole time (me! me!). I have some exciting news to. I started connecting with Kimberly- who is at the helm of this ridicoulously awesome site POSHGLAM and has to be the sweetest person I have talked to.She offered me to be a Global Beauty Editor! (oh yeah). I mean historically (all the two years of being a teenager) I haven’t got a lot to do with beauty products. I just use a sort of normal facewash which removes the dirt and stuff and put on some moisturizer but she told me to do a piece on what suits a colored skin so I will covering all the products which is hard to get in the States and use stuff which I have never used.

 Since I will be vlogging their a little I wanted to talk about this with you guys. It is a Video Blog- a concept which I was unaware with until two months back when I landed up on this Make-up tutorial whilst youtubing and saw that the girl actually has a whole channel where she talks about fashion, make-up, beauty which was very lovely. I am quite afraid to do a video since frankly I don’t want to be perceived dumb or stupid but I have a lot of respect for the people who stand in front of the camera. It does take GUTS.
Anyhow, you guys know this is not a personal style blog but I hoping to slowly drift into being one but sometimes I just feel uncomfortable posing for no apparent reason. And I cannot smile. So it is pretty much a spazzy-mixed up confused photos which I display.

Anyhow I swear to blog more and even though it is hard to change domains since I lost all the followers and the regular page views, I am trying to remain optimistic and keep blogging!


One Response to “See the life I have had, will make a good man turn bad"”

  1. Clarity June 27, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    >I subscribe to your blog. The smiths song lyrics grabbed my attention right know though. I have had many blogs and lost domains or hosting accounts a few times. It really sucks but usually it was good for me to start over. Sometimes you out grow a blog. Plus is new blog you learn new things so your skills get better. Better blogging skills means a lot of potential subs.

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