That’s not half the battle, that’s the whole war’

4 Jun


I am bored as hell. I do have things lined up but they all seem so melancholic. Viewing editorials or even reading The Cut is not entertaining. I haven’t picked up Jane Eyre ever since I read the first three chapters. I have been spending time in listening to french songs whilst cooling myself via air conditioner. I bath in the evening and wake up during noon. I barely meet the deadline for my article submission. I don’t go out. I haven’t been out of the house the whole week. Clothes don’t make me happy nor does pizza (I KNOW). Blake Lively makes me jealous and so does Andrej Pejic. Life seems as tasteless (ok I suck at similes).
I think I will go out. Buy myself some paper and eat some momos (I know I am weird).
Anyhow the sad rant ends now.
Has anyone being obsessing over the Resort? Gucci is amazing this year and so is Erdem and Adam. Just Cavalli and Chanel were a little off but what the hell, right? Here is a look at some of my favorite campaigns (source

I love the way how they have incorporated a more casual look

The whole collection has a quite classic and an elegant milieu

The collection evokes color and the 20s. I love the tie and dye effect
Have a happy weekend! 


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