Galliano, Balmain and what not

24 Apr

It seems like the fashion world is getting  hot this spring. First there was the departure of Galliano from Dior which still disturbs me since I still have mixed feelings over this whole ordeal. Then on Fashionista I read that Prabal Gurung maybe replacing him whereas on The Cut, they say that Marco Zanini from Rochas is also interested and feels he has the ‘potential’. So there is still some uncertainty over the whole issue which I hope clears before the Winter RTW.

Photo: The cut

In other news, Christopher Decarin left Balmain and will be replaced by Olivier Rousteing, the deputy designer of Bailman (which is quite predictable!) and Grace Coddington celebrated her 70th (if you followed me on twitter, I announced it quite a while ago).

Everyone seems very excited about the royal wedding (trust me, even my mum is getting jitters whose birthday is the same day haha). Even Delhi is filled with posters and most of the channels are covering their wedding and other happenings.

I know I have been out for ridiculously long time . It was easter and we got a long weekend (trust me, these three days were SO desperatly needed). My weekend started with Roman Holiday and will end with Marie Antoinette. Also summer is near (I mean the holidays. The weather has been summery for quite a long time).

This post has a quite abrupt ending but I am planning to make my Willls Lifestyle Fashion Week Post a big one (yes, I haven’t still blogged about it. Kill me.)



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