This Summer

19 Mar

So last week was cool and everyone was wearing full-sleeved T-Shirts and sweaters , glad that the winter had extended till half-a-May (sadly in New Delhi, December and January are the ONLY cold months). Presently, I cannot stop sweating through my armpits (I know, eew). I hate Delhi’s weather!

I have decided a lot of things for this blog which I wanted to share. It is already summer here (hence the annoyance earlier). I am in the quest to make this a kick-ass blog and for that I am going to introduce a lot of new I things and revisit some old. I am going to start a new segment called ‘How to’ where I will talking (or rather advising) some tips for fellow bloggers NOT as a writer or fellow blogger’s point of view but as a reader’s point of view. I maybe starting outfit posts (June or July, yeah THAT long) but I don’t want to make my blog as a personal style one so I am going to write more than pose. I am going to get some really nice fashion- related literature books which I am going to review here!

I have written a lot of articles on topics which I loved but I wasn’t quite happy with the content (you know, evolving). So I am going to touch on those topics again and re-write. Also I may intern for Sarah Scoop for two- three months and then do something this summer (the normal span of summer time, not Delhi summer time. Which is now.) which is going to be ahmazing.

Have a nice day!



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