Friends, Lovers or Nothing?

17 Jan

I thought that I will stop blogging  to study but then I found out that my finals are postponed and also that I was getting very  blog-sick. I mean I can read ALONG blogging. I just started finding so many good things that I had to put it in my blog.

These past days I started looking and reading other blogs and found many informative and lovely things so I was thinking of making a blogroll. But there was one thing that disturbed and somehow irritated me. It was how people wanted many followers so they went like- “You follow mine and I will follow yours”. It does give you a lot of thrill that you know that there are people reading your blog and following it, but what is the point of following it for the sake of getting some of your own followers and never opening the blog you followed  again? I to used that phrase a few times but didn’t like it because it didn’t give me contentment. I love writing and expressing my views and have been doing that in a form of a journal. Now when I know blogging, I do it this way. I love followers and it gives me a lot thrill to see that people visit my blog. But what I really want is to reach people by my thoughts be it only one person. This is getting a bit long entry so I will stop now. But now it is official that I am back in the blogging world with attractions like 19060s of fashion, an interview, a feature, Vh1 awards review and of course, Iconic looks!


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