9 Jan

So I thought of sharing some news instead of just writings. Resolutions (though I tend to break them) and a little inside! (Caution- To much excitement ahead)

  • When I said more ‘works’ coming soon, I really meant it. After a rather horrifying experience I had for a month when I couldn’t write ANYTHING, I requested my dad to buy me a laptop (my old one broke). So this is my first official entry with a new HP Mini Notebook! Thanks dad!
  • Now for the works. My Interview With Anouska I took has been published FINALLY on Atomica Magazine! I have posted the link on my About Page which is listed under my works but here it is anyway!
  • I MIGHT be a columnist in the magazine since I liked it so much that I contacted the Editor. But I will definitely contribute to it whenever it gets published (which is every two months I think)
  • I am thinking of starting to participate in writing competitions so as to give my writing passion a little push. I have found these two competitions but their dates are 20th January and 1st February. So I REALLY need to buck up and pen down my thoughts!
  • I am thinking I would do another post on Iconic Looks From A Film with the films I have already used and some new films because there is no end for Inspiration!

So now I have shared it, I need to GET ON and start my new year (10 days after the official one, that is).

Happy New Year!



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