Peggy Moffitt

25 Dec

The question arises is that why do I write about Peggy Moffit, a model of the 60s, when there is Kate Moss or Cindy Crawford to write about? Well, the answer is simple- Kate Moss cannot do this.

Peggy Moffit was a premier model and modeled for the one of the most influential designer in the 60s, Rudi Gernreich. Her unique look of wearing false eyelashes, heavy eye makeup and her modified bowl haircut known as the “five point” became very iconic which drew not only the current trades but also the Japanese theater which represented the strengthening bond between pop art and fashion.

Moffitt’s look remains popular in the haute fashion world, and several vintage Gernreich designs were redistributed under the Japanese label Commes des Garcons in 2003. I admire Peggy Moffit because her style is fearless quite abstract and unusual.She did not change the fashion world nor she redefine fashion. She just redefined personal style which made people change their perspective on fashion as general. Though not quite popular in the 60s she is very popular in the 21st century and is recognized world wide.


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