Fashion Photography

23 Dec

I take a deep breath before summing up this post because ideally I touch on topics which are more comfortable to me but photography is a road seldom treaded on by me.  It isn’t that I don’t like photographers, I totally do but looking at my untalented photography I tend to ignore the whole subtext it has become in fashion. But nevertheless I thought I would share two photographers that have been an inspiration to me.

Regan Cameron

Regan Cameron who was primarily living in New Zealand shifted to UK to shoot photographs in the 1990s and now shoots pictures for Vogue and launches campaign for famous designers.

I ‘discovered’ Regan Cameron on British Vogue, the infamous shoot of Little Miss Sunshine- Cameron Diaz. He immediately grabbed my attention with all those meticulous details and the perfect shots . When I saw his official site I was quite envious of the amazing talent the man has. I could identify it because of his work in V, Teen Vogue and Vogue. His biography is quite interesting whilst his inspiration is Irrving Pen.

Jason Bell

Jason Bell studied in Oxford and is now works for Vanity Fair. Very accomplished and acclaimed, Jason Bell works in magazines, film posters and for stars.

I discovered him actually quite by chance, on the poster of the Bridget Jones’s then later on Vogue.  In 2008 while on an photo assignment for American Vogue in ‘Tea & Sympathy’, an English tea room in the heart of Manhattan, he was astonished to discover that over 120,000 British men and women lived in New York City. As an Englishman, himself living in New York, Jason was inspired by this and thus  ‘An Englishman In New York’ was born. His another book ‘Giveget’ is collection of celebrity portraits which helped to raise money for Cancer Research UK.


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