Keeping it Personal by Amy Mace + Interview

20 Dec

I’m sitting here reading the latest issue of Company and wondering what has happened to personal style. Every magazine I have read lately is talking about shearling, camel, capes and ‘alpine chic’. Literally every one. I understand that a magazine’s job is to showcase the latest trends and designer looks, but what has happened to the days when a coat was for warmth and fur was un-ethical? I think that a trend should simply be a platform on which we can stand to reach the rails of the second hand shops, or the ‘Last Chance to Buy’ stand. Who wants to be seen out wearing exactly the same as every other fashion conscious girl in London? It’s all well and good wearing an aviator jacket that cost you 100 quid, but wearing the hat, glasses and boots to match is taking it a tad too far. Maybe team it with velvet or a quirky t-shirt to update it and make it your own. Fashion is personal, so never be afraid to wear something that your friends may dislike. You should take a trend or look that you love, and add your own quirky edge so that you’re look is different to everybody elses. The most important thing to remember is that if you rummage you will find, and also try not to stick to the main high street stores such as Topshop and Zara all the time. They are reliable and we love ‘em, but sometimes they can be so samey. Mix and match an investment piece with a one off vintage or ‘back of the shop’ find. Rokit and Beyond Retro are seriously the best places to go; cheap, cheerful and undeniably chic. If you find yourself wearing a whole outfit from one shop, you need to change your tune! Don’t be a sheep, and strive to stand out from the crowd if your confidence will allow you, because a trend isn’t trendy if you wear it the same as everybody else. These lovely ladies below certainly know how to wear a trend, so take notes

As Amy emits her immaculate vision for fashion in her article, it is quite exciting to see how she keeps referring the street style with the celebrity style.. I was quite impressed with her article so I asked her a few questions. Check them out-

What does fashion mean to you? (In one word)

For me, fashion is expression.

Which store do you shop the most?

I shop the most at Topshop

Editing or modeling, which one will you make as a career?

I aspire to be a fashion editor.

Which decade, do you think was fashion in its best form? Why?

The 80’s. It maybe wasn’t the trendiest, but it’s when people learnt to experiment with color, style and tailoring.
Which actress/model can describe you the best?

Maybe Emma Watson, because she comes from a normal family background but has (had) big hopes and aspirations for the future.
Who is your favorite designer? Why?

Vivenne Westwood. Although most of her clothes aren’t that wearable, i love her eccentricity and her use of colour, texture, craziness and vibrance.
What made you want to be an Editor?

I would love to become a fashion journalist because I LOVE writing about style and trends, and spend hours reading magazines just wishing my name could be underneath one of those articles.
Which is the one person you want to be from the past?

Maybe  Alexander McQueen, because he was a genius and I would love to see how his mind worked.
Which person according to you changed the fashion world? (can be a model, editor, actress, photographer) Why?

That’s a difficult question and I honestly have no idea!

Who is your inspiration?

Designer looks, celebrities, cultures, eras, girls on the street, anything and everything!

Quick Favorites-

Magazine :Elle

Chocolate :dairy milk <3

Band :The Beatles

Movie :Jaws(a weird one I know, but i LOVE it)

Actress/Model :Kate Winslet/Georgia May Jagger

Perfume :Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Country/ City :London, England

TV show :C.S.I (I’m an addict)



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