Sweet Jane Dress

12 Dec

So I was going to lulus.com, then one thing led to another and BAM! I landed on this pretty vintage dress. This is a sweet Jane dress which I would love to wear in summer (provided I would live in the states then my folks would agree to buy blah blah..) This would go very well with a brown belt and some shoes like oxfords or maybe some heels. I know this so not the best dress or this no Chanel either but I like that it is dreamy and soo freee!

Anyway. I figure that people might be wondering that why I have not written about the 60s YET! But I am working on it. I will publish it (insert date).

God! I am publishing so out of season…

So I also putting this winter outfits with the vintage mountain high sweater+ the Adorable Jeffery Campbell boots.


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