The Roaring Twenties

17 Nov

Still in her camisole, she was choosing her dress for her visit to the jazz club tonight. A radio taking up half the wall was playing the first recording of Bessie Smith and she was swinging to the music. She chose to wear the famous Robe De Style dress with her black high heels. Very much like her idol, Alice Joyce, she put on the same shade of red on her lips and decided to curl her shingled bobbed hair and put on a cloche hat and added a last touch of make up on her face. While leaving her home, she grabbed her coat and went into the car still humming the tune she was listening to a while back.

1920s can be perhaps described as when women wore more comfortable clothing or where women actually emitted elegance through clothing. But I surely believe that 20s made women more elegant with a touch of modern style and a lot of grace. It was an evolution from huge to even small but significant things because that is when women realized what they wanted in terms of clothing.

Flapper is a young bird learning to fly much like these bold women of the 20s. They were modern and were wearing what they wanted, danced and were living their lives. A prosperous time for America, and these ladies were well with the times and maybe even ahead of it. Women went to clubs, swing to music and drove cars. Inspiring these women were iconic actresses like Louise Brooks, Clara Blow and Billie Doe.

But one of the most influential people for flapper fashion was Coco Chanel. She was perhaps the best and the most original designers and was the epitome of not only the 20s but style in general. “Fashion will always change, but style remains the same”, said Madame Coco. Amen to that.

The jazz age started a new movement of using vibrant hues on clothes which made it ultra glam, away from the stodgy and outdated Victorian fashions to an inspired modern look. They rejected uncomfortable corsets and went for camisoles and more comfortable undercolors. The dresses had long and loose waistline but they were not short, they were ankle- length and showed minimal legs. The hair was always in a bob, be it shingled or in bangs. To show of the hair were the famous cloche hats which were worn in a lot of different styles like wearing it low on the forehead or turn it upwards. Women used bright and dazzling shades for make up like red. There was a lot of red.

….Entering the jazz club the lights her cigarette and swings to the music. She drinks a little gin and enters the dance floor and dances like there is no tomorrow with her dress too swinging to the music.

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Photographs ‘borrowed ‘ from The September Issue twenties shoot.



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