Interview With Anouska

11 Oct

Anuska Proetta Brandon is a model/photographer who is currently living in Dublin. Very ‘hyped’ on lookbook and recently in the Dublin fashion festival, she does a mixture of both photography and modeling, so check out her interview!

What does fashion mean to you? (in one word)


Which store do you shop the most?


Photography or modeling, which one will you make as a career?

I’d love to make both a career! I’m trying to pursue modeling alot more at the moment, my looks will fade, so i only have limited time to make it, whereas photography doesn’t age, so I can do that for ever.

Which decade, do you think was fashion in its best form? Why?

I really like the 1920’s, everyone looked so elegant and beautiful all the time. People really cared about how they looked and always made an effort, I love everything from the make up – hair, to the stunning coats and hats people would wear.

Who is your favorite designer? Why?

I would have to say Chanel. I’d say its most womanly, very elegant and always immaculate.

What made you want to be a model/ photographer?

I have a few aunties and uncles who are photographers, I was always infront of the camera as a child, and I was a huge poser, I had no shame! When I turned sixteen I got my first SLR camera and my love affair for photography started there.

Which person according to you changed the fashion world? Why?

One woman, who I have alot of respect for who I found changed the fashion world would be Annie Liebovitz. I adore her photographs and her creativity, she shot for Rolling Stone magazine and then went onto working for Vanity Fair. You can spot her photos from a mile away because they’re often very quirky, she would never be very obvious when it came to shooting fashion. I love that about her – she always stepped outside the box.

Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration as a model, has to be Natasha Poly. That woman can do no wrong. I think she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and she is a fantastic model. She inspires me alot when it comes to posing and being versatile, I’ve learnt alot from her, I can’t thank her enough.

Quick Favorites- 

Magazine – Vouge, Bazzar

Chocolate – Galaxy – or any chocolate for that matter. I’m a chocolate fiend!

Band – At the moment… Buddy Guy. But I have so many to chose from, Its nearly impossible to say! But that is what I’m listening to at the moment.

Movie – so many! oh gosh let me think…well i love all Christopher Nolan films, ‘The Prestige” Is one of my all time favourites!
Actress/Model – Natasha Poly

Perfume – Cholé or Flowerbomb

Country/ City -NEW YORK!

TV show – At the moment, I am obsessed with Community & the inbetweeners!

Her blog:



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