Truly Elle: Alexa Chung

7 Oct

I love Alexa! If someone asks me who is a modern girl for me today, Alexa should be the one! The way she looks, the way she talks and acts. She does a lot of things at the same time; she is very talented and does it in a perfect way. She is beautiful and clever!

Karl Lagerfeld

Every now and then Hollywood has an ‘it’ girl which the industry follows and designer make them their muse. Historically,  Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Ines de la fressange made the list and now Alexa Chung has joined them. She was the MTV presenter last year, then soon appeared in every party, best dressed list , couture week and British newspapers. Personally, I love Alexa Chung’s eclectic style and find it very chic and mod . Currently residing in New York the past year, Chung might be going back to London this fall.  But wherever she lives, Alexa is Truly Elle.

Mulberry's new bag named after Alexa Chung; The Alexa

Lacosste names Alexa as the face of the classic label's latest women's scent




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