Where there is music and there are people who are young and alive.

7 Oct















Red dress// HnM   Leather Jacket// Forever 21

After almost a century I have decided to update you guys to what has been up these past few months. A lot has been going on. University started a month ago which has been keeping me pretty busy. I shifted to Europe few weeks ago for university and the move has been pretty damn overwhelming. I am at Maastricht studying about Art and Culture and Life (okay I might have added that bit). Luckily, I am in a place which allows me to travel to a lot of place in Europe- which I intend to do. These are some excerpts from my weekend in Liege, Belgium. Luckily, we went there in the beginning of Oktoberfest so the entire city was bustling with life. 

The move has been pretty big. Living alone in another continent etc. And it took me a lot of time to get used to the idea to cook, wash and clean. However, the liberating feeling surpasses all these minor responsibilities. I feel that this past month I have grown more than I ever did this past year. The theme of this post is far from fashion and more about other things; I apologize. I will try to not deviate from the topic but I deem this topic needed discussion for tumultuous amount of time! 

I will see you guys soon with more deets about travel and new life x


2 Aug












 Tops// Thrifted     Pants// Kazo     Shorts and Earrings// Forever 21  Heels//Zara

I have been on hiatus for a long time now doing god knows what. Time flies when you are into nothingness I guess. I have been ignoring everything and have just focused on the pure, unadulterated fun of doing nothing which has given me a lot of time to think about everything around me. I will be moving to Europe in less than a month (more on that later) so that has also been keeping me busy. I will start updating my blog regularly but now but for now I have just put a few excerpts of my staple outfits for the summer.


Happy sunshine! Catch you guys later x

Sun also rises.

27 May

Lace top and bag// Forever 21       Skirt and necklace// Borrowed   Heels//Zara


Changes in life are often reflected in our personal style and ideas. Changes bring upon our experimental phase which I suppose is my outfit today. I am still a rookie but I often deemed my style to be clean, classic and rather predictable. Neutral over color, straight fit over boot, white over silver..

But as I am leaving things I have held on for years, I have realized that experimenting with life as whole is of paramount importance. That is why I opted for this look. Lace has been a  favorite fabric since my inception (blog title kinda gives it away) and instead of making it predictably girly, I experimented it with this skirt so that it echoes a more passively chic style. More Mary Kate Olsen than Olivia Palermo, I think. It was too hot to shoot outside but with the sun shining beautifully it sort of added a different light to the look indoors. 

I have started doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do in my life after getting rid of school . I mean college isn’t what I want to do, it is a path I take which helps me reach somewhere. At one end I am inspired by Jack Kerouac and ‘Mad to Live’- travel, write, love- everything so fast that I can’t feel emptiness. On the other hand I want to be a high-powered job- hungry power woman who is under control and controlling. I am sure there is a grey area to two polar opposites ideas that I am meandering in albeit I cannot seem to figure it out. As a student, I am in that phase where I do not know where I am going to be in less than six months. Fashion inspires me and writing about it gives me another high but I really do not want to be stuck writing about ‘ Five shades of lipsticks we love’ or hideously meaningless crap (no offense to those who write it, I am sure you garner more views than I do anyway).


Anywho my rantings are infinite and bored persons might try to listen. So I will stop now. Tell me how the outfit was!

PS- Those books aren’t mine. 

Safilo Collection Preview

6 May

I recently attended the Safilo collection preview showcasing their latest sunglasses for the season. It housed brands like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Pierre Cardin, Boss, Dior – to name a few. It exhibited various varieties where you could pick the ones you like and try them on. It was a great exposure to attend to the latest styles and get the ideas for what’s trending. I got some pictures of the event and what I wore for the same for you guys to get the idea.








Lace Skirt// Forever 21        Top// Forever New      Bag// Mango   Sunglasses// Marc Jacobs (from the preview)

I always find collection previews and store launches very helpful and a lucrative way of analyzing if the trends in the West and India are parallel. This is perfectly aided by the preview of luxury brands (like this one). I have surmised that the collection in India by luxury brands- apparels and accessorizes alike, are always a season late. This really saddens me because the purpose of a trend is timing. Even if an average Indian shopper cannot afford a Birkin, we use such brands for inspiration for our personal style. I am happy that this gap is slowly decreasing due to the rise of digital media which keeps us updated.

Also, I really liked these quirky sunglasses. I picked these lovelies from the Marc Jacobs kiosk when I noticed the signature frame. The crimson red is particularly eye catching and I am desperate to own a pair.


See you on the other side!